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  1. ChuckE

    New grad taking ACLS course??

    I took ACLS and PALS just before I graduated for all of the reasons mentioned. In the end, it really meant little to nothing in terms of getting a job. I would suggest that if you have the extra money, then yes, get the certs. However, for me, it was a non-issue and it certainly wasn't a detriment where I was held to a higher standard as long as you acknowledge the fact that the certification doesn't mean you know what you are doing in a Code situation. The best reason for getting the Certs IMHO is that you can tell recruiters that you are so motivated to learn that you just couldn't wait to get the ACLS certifications. Also, the protocols do NOT change every year. The new ACLS protocols are coming out as of 2011 and prior to that, it was 2008. There are only minor differences that don't mean very much to you as a nurse since doctors do pretty much whatever they want in a Code situation. As an ER Doc once told me as well as my preceptor nurse, "They're already dead. You aren't going to kill em any more". And no, the class is not very difficult and you will pass.
  2. ChuckE

    Where are nursing jobs?

    $21/hr is what they offered me as a new grad RN in the ER.
  3. ChuckE

    white underwear under white scrub bottoms?

    Does it specifically say that you HAVE to wear underwear? Commando anyone?
  4. ChuckE

    ACLS Certification 2011

    I wouldn't worry too much about the 2011 guidelines as there are only 2 or 3 changes from the 2008 guideline. The ACLS instructor will most likely have both versions of the book and point out the difference between the two. My ACLS/PALS instructor also had the 2011 mini-ACLS book for sale and even gave away the few 2008 mini books he had available.
  5. ChuckE

    HELP!!! bad evaluation

    They ranked you as a "low performer" because you ask too many questions??? How stupid is that? From all of the nurses I've talked to while in NS, the thing that scared nurses the MOST is when a new nurse DOES NOT ask questions! YOU ARE NEW! Of course you're going to have lots of questions. If I were the charge nurse, I'd be wondering why the other new grads aren't asking as many questions as you. Sorry I can't help you with the action plan, but good luck.
  6. ChuckE

    Failed 6 times and Giving up :(

    No it isn't. The first time pass rate is 86%, so really, how hard can it be?
  7. ChuckE

    Low Score on Kaplan = NCLEX Fail?

    Another thing to piggyback on what uaefan said, be positive. I had post-it note all over the house and on my computer monitors that said, "I WILL PASS!". I also went to bed every night and woke up every morning with the mantra, "I WILL PASS!"
  8. ChuckE

    Low Score on Kaplan = NCLEX Fail?

    I was told in my Kaplan class that a 60% is indicative of passing the NCLEX. I was also told that you should be doing around 90% of the total QBank questions. I don't think you are that far off from where you need to be. The biggest challenge for most people IMHO is that they should be confident in their knowledge by the time they walk into take the test. I took the test on Saturday and had taken the entire week prior to testing for study time. I even took my son to daycare M~Th to start studying in the morning. By Wednesday afternoon, I had taken the test trainer 1~5 and only did 40% of the QBank and I was just sick of studying. So, from Wednesday on, I just relaxed and read novels (I read about one a day) and watched DVDs that I have been wanting to watch. I also watched the entire Season 2 of True Blood, the new season of Spartacus, etc. IOW, I put the NCLEX completely out of my mind - and it worked. Trust in yourself. If you have applied yourself throughout NS, then you will pass. Lastly, please don't start a "I failed NCLEX for the nth time thread" if you fail again. I really don't think we need another one. Good luck.
  9. "The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a standardized exam that each state board of nursing uses to determine whether or not a candidate is prepared for entry-level nursing practice." The tests are therefore the SAME. Each State may have their own requirements for a RN, but that's in addition to the NCLEX-RN. Take it for what it's worth as I'm still in NS, but I would keep doing what you're doing and take the NCLEX where you went to school and THEN ask for reciprocity - this is the advise I was given by my instructors.
  10. ChuckE

    two new hospitals being built in phoenix area????

    That's the area I may have heard about - the Surprise area.
  11. ChuckE

    Anybody know about MGA health care??

    As a nursing student, let me add what I know. Our Peds clinical includes a couple of days at a home health environment staffed by MGA nurses. The homes can range anywhere from the barrio to Scottsdale due to the patients medical need and not the household income. My MGA nurse did not have anything great or bad to say about MGA and I spent 2 whole days with her. So based on my very limited experience, I would say though I would like to work in a hospital, I would work with/for MGA if I had to.
  12. ChuckE

    Should I finish RN program at age 51?

    "A man is as old as the woman he feels" - Grouch Marx Yes, go for it.
  13. ChuckE

    How can nurses go green?

    "Sustainable Healthcare"? What form of newspeak is this?
  14. ChuckE

    evidence re: subcut injection angle

    What's the gist of your research? Or what is your goal for this research?
  15. I was a bad driver before I decided to become a nurse. When I drove a F150 pickup, my mantra as, "I'm Asian, and I drive a 2 1/2 ton hunk of steel - Move it or lose it". :)
  16. ChuckE

    Petrified when handling residents that expire...

    That was a great movie - and I don't say that very often about a movie at all. Though I don't believe there's a DVD release with English subtitles when I saw it.