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  1. kimsjc

    Hospitals that hire nurses with no experience

    Google nurse refresher course southern california
  2. kimsjc

    Advice please...moving to California, a mistake?

    Also, look at online classes. Most of the CC in CA offer them, and he will have more options. He can take classes anywhere in the state where they are offered. This of course does not work for science classes with labs, but you can take just about everything else. And I also agree with the previous poster, try all the community colleges within an hour of where you live.
  3. kimsjc

    Can men works as a labor and delivery nurse?

    Why the heck not?!!! Men work as ob/gyn physicians, so why couldn't a man be an L&D nurse?
  4. kimsjc

    New grad nicu interview @ UCSF

    Sorry, I don't remember many questions at this point and I didn't write them down afterward, some basic stuff, tell us about yourself, why nursing, why nicu, etc. There were more pointed questions, but I do not recall specifics. Hope that helps.
  5. kimsjc

    UCSF NEW GRAD RN Training Program!! 2012

    I don't see the job listings posted. Did advanced search with "training program" and nothing shows up. Where did you see it?
  6. kimsjc

    Looking broadly while only licensed in one state

    I can't answer the licensure issue, it would depend upon the facility you are applying to. But I can tell you this, California is not an easy place to find a job, many graduates go 1-2 years before finding a job. It's really tough out here. As a matter of fact, I know several Californians who have had to take jobs in Ohio. Good luck to you!
  7. kimsjc

    UC Davis 2012

    Mine says Route, and I have not received an email or any other communication from UCD. I figure i'm not in the running since I haven't heard anything from them at this point. Good luck to those of you in the running!
  8. kimsjc

    Mercy San Juan New Grad Program 2011

    Speaking of the devil, I just got a rejection email from them.
  9. kimsjc

    Mercy San Juan New Grad Program 2011

    I haven't heard a thing either, and my status says HR Review.
  10. kimsjc

    Interview Questions & Hand Eczema

    Try Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream. I have found it works wonders, and you only need to use a small amount at a time. http://www.amazon.com/Neutrogena-Norwegian-Formula-Cream-Fragrance-Free/dp/B000052YP6
  11. kimsjc

    March 2012 CHLA RN Residency Program

    I chose nicu and picu for my top two choices, and not sure what I chose for the other, I think it was the medical peds floor. They said this was a screening interview; it will be with two nurse recruiters and one manager. If that goes well enough, then onto an interview with unit managers.
  12. kimsjc

    March 2012 CHLA RN Residency Program

    I'm in nor cal and was called today, so yes, they are calling outside the area.
  13. kimsjc

    March 2012 CHLA RN Residency Program

    I just got a call for an interview next week. So, they are still calling people!
  14. kimsjc

    Hospitals only hiring BSN degrees, and no ADN?

    Like a previous poster stated, most ADN degrees require two years of prereqs and two years of nursing classes. A BSN requires about the same timeframe, perhaps a semester longer. Why not take an extra semester, and get a degree that will open more doors for you? I have a BA in a non-related field, and elected to get a BSN through an accelerated program. It was one year, whereas getting a ADN would have been two years.
  15. kimsjc

    Bay Area job market for new grads

    I'm in the Bay Area, and it seems like there's a lot more opportunities in SoCal than up here. Not great in either, though.
  16. kimsjc

    IV Therapy Certification in Sacramento, CA

    Where is the San Jose class being held? Thanks