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  1. TXSchoolRN-MSN

    Pick the best out of the 4 hospitals listed

    Thank you for your response. I am currently transferring a job to the dallas area, I work for HCA in another state. By baad reputations, do you mean poor patient outcomes? Please explain why they have that reputation. THank you so much for the feedback!
  2. TXSchoolRN-MSN

    Pick the best out of the 4 hospitals listed

    Which hospital out of the 4 is the best? and why? Please help me with some info, interviewing with a few facilities and would like to have some nursing insider info on them. THANK YOU! Plaza medical Center-FT worth Medical Center of Arlington North Hills Hospital Denton Regional Medical centers
  3. TXSchoolRN-MSN

    Moving to Dallas area

    Thank you for the responses, I am going to be out their in August, will be turning in my resumes and such!
  4. TXSchoolRN-MSN

    Moving to Dallas area

    do you think that having 1 year experience in med/surg/tele will help me? I have to get out of VEGAS hehe. Sick of such a depressed economy! Jobs are so hard to come by and then fear of being laid off!!
  5. TXSchoolRN-MSN

    Moving to Dallas area

    Hello, I currently live in las Vegas NV, but seriously considering moving to Dallas. Was wondering if anyone had any advise. I would like to work for an HCA hospital so that i could transfer my job. Any thoughts about moving to Dallas, nursing jobs still in demand in the area? Hoping that their economy is better than the horrible economy i currently live in. Unemployment here is over 14%. Thanks for the help!
  6. TXSchoolRN-MSN

    HCA Hospitals in North Dallas

    Does anyone work for HCA in the Dallas area? I work for them in another state and I am thinking about trying to transfer! Any advice?! Anything I should know, areas to work in, areas not to work in?!
  7. TXSchoolRN-MSN

    Moving to the Dallas/Ft Worth area from the west!!

    Thank you so much for the advice, I will hopefully be moving with 6 months experience in Med/Surg! that is hopeful! Are there any hospitals that are better then others?! Any hospitals I should stay away from?! I don't know anything about Dallas hospitals would love some advise! Patient load?!
  8. I was wondering a few things about the Dallas area. I am a new grad from UNLV with my BSN, I am licensed in Nevada and I am currently getting my Texas license. I was wondering if anyone new what the average pay is for a new grad nurse with only a few months of experience? What hospitals are good ones and and which ones are bad ones?! Any hospitals hiring new grads?! In Nevada, new grads cannot find any sort of job, they are not receptive to new grads at all! Also what are the good areas of the Dallas/Ft Worth area to live in?! I have only visited Dallas once and would love any advice!! Thank yoU!