Moving to the Dallas/Ft Worth area from the west!!


I was wondering a few things about the Dallas area. I am a new grad from UNLV with my BSN, I am licensed in Nevada and I am currently getting my Texas license. I was wondering if anyone new what the average pay is for a new grad nurse with only a few months of experience? What hospitals are good ones and and which ones are bad ones?! Any hospitals hiring new grads?! In Nevada, new grads cannot find any sort of job, they are not receptive to new grads at all! Also what are the good areas of the Dallas/Ft Worth area to live in?! I have only visited Dallas once and would love any advice!! Thank yoU!

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The hospital starting pay for a brand new Rn with minimal experience is somewhat lower in the Dallas area than the national average. It ranges anywhere from $21.50 (Baylor Hospital system) to $25+ hourly (Cooks Childrens Hospital).

All of the new grad internship programs for the different major hospital systems start in January, and you must apply to them early in order to get into one. Other employment options for RNs include the LTAC hospitals (Kindred, Lifecare, Regency, Healthsouth, etc.). They are smaller, new-grad friendly, and tend to pay well.

I personally live in southwest Fort Worth, off south Hulen Street, and I like the area. Other areas that are decent and affordable include the Mid-Cities area (Hurst, Euless, Bedford) because the rents and home prices are reasonable, and these cities are located directly between Dallas and Fort Worth. You will never have a long commute if you live in the Mid-Cities area.

Arlington is a city of 360,000 people that is located 12 miles east of Fort Worth and 18 miles west of Dallas. Its convenient location makes it a good place to live for a newcomer.

Thank you so much for the advice, I will hopefully be moving with 6 months experience in Med/Surg! that is hopeful! Are there any hospitals that are better then others?! Any hospitals I should stay away from?! I don't know anything about Dallas hospitals would love some advise! Patient load?!