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  1. CGFNS

    Hi everyone. I’m not too sure where to post this question. Sorry in advance for the inconvenience. So... I recently found out my CGFNS account is suspended out of the blue. I didn’t owe anything. I don’t have any pending orders. I had called the offi...
  2. RN in Georgia

    Hi deekuhn, yes, I'm still practicing in Belize.
  3. Hello everyone, Does anyone know which hospitals in GA are willing to hire internationally educated nurses? Any contact persons? Thanks! :)
  4. RN in Georgia

    Hi avalanche678, I'm so glad you replied. And yes, I'm still looking for a job in GA. And I'm actually planning to apply for Emory's hospital! Can you tell me if Emory hires foreign nurses to work for them, esp the new graduates? What are their requi...
  5. RN in Georgia

    Hi chill1965, is this the correct way to pm you? If not, let me know how. Thanks!
  6. RN in Georgia

    Hi chill1965, so glad to see your post. I'm very eager to know what you can share with me! By the way, what's ATL? Look forward to your reply! Happy New Year! :redpinkhe
  7. RN in Georgia

    It's ok chill1965. Thanks for your directions. I'll contact them.
  8. ER Nursing

    Hello! I'm looking for an emergency nursing handbook/textbook. Can anyone recommend a good one? Please and thank you!
  9. RN in Georgia

    Hi Chill1965, what do you mean "if I work for them?" If I ask them to do paper works, I need to sign a contract or something? Can you give me more insight on that? Thanks! Really appreciate your help! I never know such agency exists! Thanks again! J...
  10. RN in Georgia

    Hello Chill1965. What is payton or grady? Thanks for your reply.
  11. RN in Georgia

    Hi Chill1965, glad to see your reply here! Well, can you tell me about TX please? I want to have some ideas about working in the US. Thanks! :loveya: For Belize, private hospitals pay more than public hospitals. However, public hospital has incremen...
  12. RN in Georgia

    Hello everyone, I'm a RN in Belize, Central America. I'm planning to work in Georgia as a RN. What do I need to do to apply for a job in Georgia? I'm looking for a post in Emory as well. What are the procedures that I need to go through? How can I co...