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  1. Ultrasound tech and RN job?

    Does anyone here work as an RN and ultrasound tech? I have heard of a couple people doing it but I wanted to know more about it.
  2. Attending EVIT

    Yes the CNA and LPN programs are for adults. I hope you get the info you need! Good luck! :)
  3. Attending EVIT

    I am thinking about attending EVIT's CNA and LPN program as well. I know that CNA is a prereq for the LPN program. CPR is not included in the CNA program and you have to do it before it starts. I'm not too sure about your other questions but I hope I...
  4. EVIT programs?

    Has anyone had experience with EVIT's CNA and/or LPN program.
  5. RN in a doctors office??

    In all of my other posts I said I want to start school ASAP.... not working.
  6. RN in a doctors office??

    and by the way, i don't see anywhere on my post where it says i want to start working asap...
  7. RN in a doctors office??

    i am not trying to work without a license. i am trying to figure out where i can work once i am done with school before i get into an rn program. i am going to have a plan so don't make assumptions about what i am doing...
  8. RN in a doctors office??

    What does an RN do in a doctors office? I can't work 12 hour shifts due to family issues so I am assuming the only other place I could work is a doctors office. Also, how does the pay compare? Thanks
  9. Is this a wise choice??

    Is the program any shorter for you since you are already an LPN or do you still go for the full 2 years?
  10. Is this a wise choice??

    I want to be a nurse sooo bad but everywhere I go there is waiting lists and I am looking to get into school ASAP. I am leaning towards going to school for LPN and then finding an LPN to RN program. Is this wise or should I just keep trying to find a...
  11. LPN to RN programs??

    Can someone tell me some LPN to RN programs. I wanted to just go straight for RN but now with waiting lists and all that, I am thinking about doing LPN first then go to a bridge program. Is this a good thing to do? Thanks
  12. Can anyone help me out please!?

    Yeah I already checked out Pima but I wanted to have a couple of different options. I am willing to drive, just not to westside phoenix for Apollo lol.
  13. Can anyone help me out please!?

    I live in Gilbert so both are pretty far. I really wanted to go to rio salado since alot of it is online but they are ending the nursing program there. I just can't seem to find a program that works but I really don't want to give up on nursing.
  14. Can anyone help me out please!?

    I am looking for a nursing program that I can get into ASAP. I can't go to Apollo's RN program because it is extremley far and unrealistic for me to go there. I don't care if it is a community college or a private program. I was thinking about becomi...
  15. Hybrid or part-time program?

    Does anyone know of any hybrid or part-time RN programs? I really want to be a nurse but I am unable to do the full time programs at this time. Any help would be great! Thank you