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  1. ruthie5573

    ??s about Jeff State full-time program

    I was hoping someone familiar with the FT program at Jeff State could tell me a little about the program. How intense would it be if I have only NUR classes to take (I have an undergrad & have most classes already knocked out). I see that clinicals are TBA a lot of the time--does this mean that I need to have 8-5pm cleared from my calendar 5 days a week? I'm trying to determine if FT or PT would be the best fit for me. I really want to get done quickly, but also have a family & not sure if FT is do-able. Thansk!
  2. Yea, they did something different this Fall...accepted 90 instead of the normal 35. I got accepted, but I'm putting it off until next year for personal reasons. But sitting down with an advisor is crucial to make sure you're on the right track.
  3. They accepted 90 this year to the part-time program. You can go to the campus anytime to sit with an advisor.
  4. ruthie5573

    Jeff State Fall 2010 hopefuls...

    I got accepted too with 190 points to the part-time program. BUT, I'm probaby going to give up my spot--it's a timing thing w/my personal life right now. SO, maybe that will open up a spot for someone else. She told me 90 people were accepted for the part-time program when she called me last week. That's a lot of people!!!!
  5. ruthie5573

    Jeff State Fall 2010 hopefuls...

    I got an email from the Nursing Advisor at the Shelby campus (in response to my email last week) & all she said was that I will get a letter in July. No specifics other than that.
  6. ruthie5573

    Jeff State Fall 2010 hopefuls...

    Ok, I don't guess we had any classes together then. I took Growth & Dev this past semester & BIO 201. :)
  7. ruthie5573

    Jeff State Fall 2010 hopefuls...

    Oh cool! Hope we both get in! :) What classes did you take in the Spring? Wondering if I may know you. There were quite a few people in my classes also applying for part time program. :)
  8. ruthie5573

    Jeff State Fall 2010 hopefuls...

    I don't mind saying...I applied for the part-time nights/weekends & had 190.
  9. ruthie5573

    Jeff State Fall 2010 hopefuls...

    What is the orientation??? I'm guessing that is for those accepted to nursing school?
  10. ruthie5573

    Jeff State Fall 2010 hopefuls...

    I don't know who handles this, but the nursing advisor at Shelby Campus is on vacation all this week. I called earlier this week & also emailed her...I think she comes back Monday so maybe she'll give me an answer on the timeline.
  11. ruthie5573

    Jeff State Fall 2010 hopefuls...

    I applied for Fall night/weekend program. Have 190 points as well. I think they only accept 35 for part-time program...hoping I still get in though. :)
  12. I applied for the Fall night/weekend too. Hoping to make it. :) The advisor said we should find out by the first week of July. Good luck!:)
  13. would love to hear feedback as well...hoping to apply in May.
  14. ruthie5573

    Virginia College New RN program - anyone know anything about it?

    I was there last week & met with an advisor who told me their nursing program is close to $50k...seems like we've all gotten different quotes! I'm so thankful for this board so that I don't waste my time there!
  15. ruthie5573

    herzing college

    does Herzing have a part-time or night program? I'm going to their informational meeting next week and was just wondering since they won't give info over the phone.