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  1. Cookie2theRescue

    The Kaplan LPN experience

    That is so awesome! The story of your journey is great! The MMR incident was a bit scary though.
  2. I know! This is great! I thought I'd never find anyone that would be attending the same school. I am super excited. I can't believe that orientation is finally just around the corner.
  3. Yes! I'm starting on 12/2 in LV. I am super excited as well!
  4. Cookie2theRescue

    kaplan college sacramento

    LOL...that is great! I'm sure they are very overwhelmed. Hope you guys are doing great...send us a sign!!
  5. Cookie2theRescue

    LVN curriculum allows time to work?

    Normally in the accelerated LVN program, you can expect to take five classes in the first semester and they are usually all lecture classes. I'm sure people do work, but it would be difficult to work a lot of hours since you need so much study time and good sleep!
  6. Cookie2theRescue

    kaplan college sacramento

    Hello All! How is everyone's first week going so far?
  7. Cookie2theRescue

    liver and tylenol

    Maybe these will help you: http://ahe6.tripod.com/extantmedical/id25.html http://www.rxlist.com/tylenol-drug.htm http://www.wellness.com/blogs/DrLauraMarkham/51/what-every-user-of-acetamino http://www.pediatrics.emory.edu/divisions/emergency%20medicine/index.cfm?showDoc=03PEM%20Rotation%20Handbook&dirName=03Education&sort=title&hb_mode=Display&htID=74581&hb_type=medTopic
  8. Cookie2theRescue

    kaplan college sacramento

    I think it may have been estimated for the entire program.
  9. Cookie2theRescue

    should i stay or should i go

    There will always be discouraging moments here and there. Nursing school is difficult, but you are doing well in class and your instructor states that you are doing well in the clinicals so far, so I would definately stick it out. There are so many bridges to cross in becoming a nurse. You've already crossed some, which some people do not even get that chance. Keep it going and try to build up your confidence! You'll do well!!
  10. Cookie2theRescue

    should i stay or should i go

    Truly, you are the only one that can answer that question. Having nervous feelings in clinicals is normal. You just need to be confident to get through it. If you honestly have the desire and drive to become a nurse, then by all means stick with it. I wish you the best of luck!!!
  11. Cookie2theRescue

    kaplan college sacramento

    Ashlie - Thanks so much for posting that info. It's a different letter just as I thought.
  12. Cookie2theRescue

    kaplan college sacramento

    YAY!!! Finally! What does it say?? Do you mind just sharing a couple of sentences..like maybe the first two. I'm just trying to compare it to a letter I got.
  13. Cookie2theRescue

    Anyone else accepted into Kaplan for Winter?

  14. Cookie2theRescue

    kaplan college sacramento

    Ashlie - What you said about the drug screen makes a lot of sense. They may send an official one after the drug screen with orientation information and other instructions. I am very curious of how this pre-acceptance letter is written. Can someone please share when they receive it? Congrats to all of you!
  15. Cookie2theRescue

    kaplan college sacramento

    OMG!!! That is so awesome!! Congrats to you!!!!