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  1. tena64

    Baylor Hospital Houston

    thanks , second question, does Baylor have a standing free ER then ? they have a ER position in Houston open ?
  2. tena64

    Baylor Hospital Houston

    I have been out of state , for 2 yrs , i am moving back to Houston in a month or so. My question is when i left in 2012 , Baylor was building a hospital in the med center , i looked at their web site today , and it doesnt list a Houston Baylor Hospital, but they have ER positions in Houston , what happened ? Thanks , Tena
  3. tena64

    Is This Normal To Be Paying All This Money?

    why didn't your agency way for that kind of stuff?
  4. tena64

    ferry question

    I am moving to the Seattle area and i am looking at housing options. my question is, can you live in Bremerton area and work at Harborview and get to work say in a 45 min commute? Can you count on the ferry ? Or is there a bridge, i am a 7p er by choice. How about gig harbor? What neighborhood would you avoid ? My kids are grown , just want to live in a area i can afford and its safe to walk my dog? Thanks , Tena
  5. tena64

    Union in Oregon

    thank you i dnt know that the bargaining units were the hospitals.
  6. tena64

    Seattle/Tacoma hospital area Salaries role call

    how do you find thee pay charts based on experience?
  7. tena64

    Union in Oregon

    how do you know which hospitals are union? I am from Houston and looking at Oregon vs Washington , are all hospitals union? I have 20 yrs exp in ER /ICU, i would like a small coastal area . Any ideas where to look? thanks, Tena
  8. tena64

    ER and strange phenomena

    Everone loves psych pt in the ER right? I just seen a listing for a 12 week travel contract for correctional psych, now thats scary.
  9. tena64

    Danville VA

    yes i have
  10. tena64

    Agencies in Houston area

    depends on the hospital if you go the hermann in the med center , you get 2 dollars more . 36 plus shift weekend diff ends up being 40 plus . you are best off getting to know a hospital and signing up directly for hours , then let premier know where you booked , you do get retirement no insurance no pto. you do have to take PBSC . usually if you are cancelled they have other shift to choose from form other hospital , they staff all of memorial hermann hospitals thehave a new number 7134487171 downside they only pay every 2 weeks
  11. tena64

    Danville VA

    didnt know where were bad areas in Danville. what area to stay away from? looking at a house in martinvilleon Jefferson cir that ok? Tena
  12. tena64

    I finally got my 3 twelves!

    I like to do 2 12 in a row , i work nights 7p to 7a , i actually like a matrix if i can find it 2 12 on , 2 off ,then 3 day weekend. it ends up being 36 one week , 48 the second week.
  13. tena64

    Observations of Haiti - "the Event" and "my Return"

    how did you get involved with disaster relief support ?is it a paid position ? i would love to find out more ER, ICU nurse with 20 yrs experience
  14. tena64

    Anyone been to palamor palmorado in san diego?

    I hear you , i also have my first assignment , the contract with quoted base pay is scary , but with everything added in should be about 1000 a week i can live with that .
  15. tena64

    Danville VA

    looking for housing in the Danville VA area , contract feb -may