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  1. Learning and growing has no age limit. I was 51 when I started my nursing career and I am currently working on my degree. For me the key was to stop comparing myself with others at every turn and to keep following my dream. I hope you'll follow yours. :)
  2. berrygal

    How to NOT gain weight in Nursing School??

    Oh Yes, I invested in a treadmill at the beginning of my second year and found it's worth its weight in gold! Just 30 minutes of cardio 3 - 4 times per week has not only brought and kept my weight down but it truly relieves the mountain of stress called nursing school. Keep away from convenience food such as granola bars and packaged snacks as they are loaded with sugar which creates blood glucose spiking and crashing. Its worth it to bring food from home because you have control over your calories that way keeping your weight from creeping up. I wish you all the best in nursing school. You'll get the most out of it if you take good care of yourself! :stdnrsrck:
  3. berrygal

    Studying nursing theory, came across Jean Watson

    She takes you beyond the linear world of science into the non linear, unseen areas. We cannot see the subjective aspects of a human being, such as thoughts and feelings, but they exist. There is more of a person in what we can't see than what we can. Watson helps us learn to treat the 'whole' person. It's serves us to keep an open mind. :)
  4. berrygal

    Helen Mirren says many hookers came from nursing profession

    If we listen closely we hear that she researched which would entail asking questions of the people who work there. If one or more of the women she spoke with came from, what she perceived as, a nursing background then she is guilty of generalizing by stating 'a lot of girls' come from a nursing background. Most likely she was was drawing on whatever came to mind in order to make conversation. In one nights research at one brothel she has made the assumption that lots of girls who prostitute, come from nursing backgrounds? Yikes, Helen, not cool!
  5. berrygal

    A Lesson well learned "One size does not fit all"

    Thank you so much for sharing, I was moved to tears and even had my husband read it. I'm a psychiatric nursing student and I would like to ask you if I can share your story with my class. We have been covering this very topic in our Therapeutic Relationships class and this is a moving and perfect example. Sincerely, Terri
  6. berrygal

    Any "50-ish" Pre-Nursing Students?

    Hi Elle, I'm 49 and just started a regional psychiatric nursing diploma program. I'll be almost 52 when I graduate. Just want you to know you are not alone and you are never to old to learn. Keep going and stay strong.