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  1. huyenchau

    "You cannot have BSN or MSN on your nametag?"

    very interesting to read all the posts. I'd been working as an RN with my ADN for years before I got my BSN. To be honest, I was very confident about my skill with the 2-year degree and I was well-respected,too. However, I've never regreted going back to school to get my BSN. The program opened the whole world of nursing to me. Rather than seeing tasks, I see the whole picture of nursing such as the leadership and management, the future of nursing, and many other things. I have more motivation to self-taught and and a disire to advance my profession. Of course, working the the health care field, I deal with MDs, NPs...who have doctoral and master degrees, I feel like we don't have such a big gap regarding our education. I'm not saying RNs with ADN is not as competent as RNs with BSN but with the four year degree and all the hardwork, I deserve to be recognized by having my credentials on my name tag. And this is the current trend, a lot of hospitals in my area recruit only RNs with BSN, some prefer BSN over ADN. Agree or not, the world becomes more competitive for RNs.
  2. Hi all, I graduated in May,09. Had ten years of experience working as an R.N in another country. I've applied for uncountable positions but was all rejected. Lately, I had an interview with public health department. My achievement statement was rated 3 out of 16. I believe I did have what they are looking for. I was also well-prepared for the interview such as wearing suit, did my hair, created two folders for the interviewers, sent thank you cards after 24 hours. I had reputatable sources of reference as well. I had high hope for an offer and just so disapointed and sad to receive their rejection today. Just want to vent out and hope to receive some words from you. thanks,:angryfire
  3. huyenchau

    how to file an incident report

    Greeting all, I've just started a job in a LTC as a new grad. I'm so overwhelmed with all the paper work related to falls and bruises. Can any one show me how to document these incidents?
  4. huyenchau

    New grads working for LTC

    Thank you very much for your advice.
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, After almost three months of looking and applying, I am offered an RN position in LTC. Please share your experience working in this enviroment if you have some time. Any idea is appreciated. Thank you very much.
  6. Wow, that's an interesting idea about life, death and using money for better purposes. Personally, I'm really impressed. I also believe that money should be used to promote quality of life and not to lengthen it. However, I don't think the society is ready to embrace your idea. This is how the health care system runs their businesses and the government saves their face in front of the whole world. And for us, this is why we go for nursing: providing care to sick people regardless of age, sex, race and any thing else. Thank you for being yourself, though.
  7. huyenchau

    New grads working for LTC

    Hey, your wage is different depending on the geographic locations, company size, and your experience. In Wisconsin, it's about $ 20.00/hour. Also, don't forget to negotiate. Other things such as patient load, staff support...you should ask your interviewers. Don't forget to tour the place to get the feeling of how it is.
  8. I've started looking for jobs since late July, haven't had one yet. I thought it happens to me only but there are a lot of new grads out there that haven't been hired yet. That makes me feel better. I've applied for many places and faced the same "New grad" problem. The last place I've applied was the LTC. I called the HR this afternoon and was yelled at "I hate to tell people what I'm doing with their application. Quack quack...bye". OMG, I can't imagine how bad new nurses are treated in the resession!
  9. huyenchau

    prepare for job interview

    Hi every one, I'm in the Midwest, job market is very bad. I graduated this May from a top ten university with a BSN degree and and a few honor awards. Plus, I have ten years of experience working as a nurse in another country. I am bilingual. I'm so frustrated that the job market seems to close in front of me. I've been applying for multiple places and have had three interviews so far. The first interview was great but people told before they even met with me that they did not have any opening for RN. THey would keep me on file The second interview was a phone interview phone interview with a recruiter from a health care system which is miles aways from where I live. She said "I'll call you in a week or two, if you don't hear any thing from me call me back". I'd been waiting and called her back after two weeks. She said "I sent the report to the recruiter manager and she'll contact you". The Manager hasn't called me yet. The third interview wasn't went well because I was so discouraged to hear that there were 56 cadidates for 2 openings. And yes, I received their letter today saying that they chose someone else. I probably did something wrong during the interview and really want to prepare for the next one. Please, anyone, give me some tips of how to prepare answering their questions such as strong points, week points, how to solve conflict with co-workers, why you want this job...I meant, my answers were not bad. I did research before the interview, read interview books, predicted the questions, learned the answers....still I failed. Please share your experience with job interview. Thanks,
  10. huyenchau

    STILL don't have a job?? Vent here!

    Hi all, I had 10 years of experience working as a nurse in a nother country, came back to school in the U.S, graduated this May with exellent GPA plus recommendation letters from previous managers, passed NCLEX at the first try, have had three interview out of many job applications and still haven't had a job yet. I agree that it's bothered me when people says " We need nurses". OMG, tell me how I can have a job.