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new grad being frustrated and after continous rejections


Hi all,

I graduated in May,09. Had ten years of experience working as an R.N in another country. I've applied for uncountable positions but was all rejected. Lately, I had an interview with public health department. My achievement statement was rated 3 out of 16. I believe I did have what they are looking for. I was also well-prepared for the interview such as wearing suit, did my hair, created two folders for the interviewers, sent thank you cards after 24 hours. I had reputatable sources of reference as well. I had high hope for an offer and just so disapointed and sad to receive their rejection today. Just want to vent out and hope to receive some words from you.



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(((((hugs))))). I'm sorry that you are going through this, and I think that a lot of us on this board can definitely relate to what it feels like to be rejected when you feel that you would do a great job. If it's any consolation, it's not you, it's the job market. When I graduated from school as a brand new RN, everyone in my class could have had their pick of any hospital in the city, with a sign-on bonus, no less. Now, not all of us were wonderful nurses, and all of us were green as grass. BUT, the job market afforded us tons of opportunities. I keep hoping that things will swing back that way sooner rather than later.


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It's okay, dear. It's good that you vented out your feelings instead of keeping it to yourself. :)

First of all, you have to beat rejection to a pulp! You will encounter more rejections in your life, so don't take it personally. Learn from the experience so that you'll be better next time. Second, think positive. Did you even consider that while you may have lots of experience in the field, you may be overqualified for the position, maybe they are lookiing for new grads, or that maybe they fear that they couldn't pay you enough since your a senior in the field and would definitely expect a good amount on the job.

Keep the faith and don't stop persevering. Good Luck! ;)

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It sounds like it was their loss! Please don't give up.