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  1. patrick.gines

    Job interview in a Surgical Unit

    Hello people I'm just wondering if what kind of questions they are going to ask me during my interview in a surgical position. Is it different compared to Medicine Unit? Is it more critical? I really want to start my experience in a medicine unit but yea surgery is another specialty but ill give it a shot. Can you guys please provide me an example of questions that will help me to prepare for my interview in surgical position. Thank you :))
  2. patrick.gines

    Your dad,uncle,cousin,etc. is a what?

    I usually give them my "killer smile". :)
  3. patrick.gines

    Hollywood's Portrayal of Male Nurses?

    Meet the parents LOL reminds me of Gaylord Focker
  4. patrick.gines

    Ages of male nursing students?

    Nursing is not a joke.
  5. patrick.gines

    common situations encountered in emergency room

    thanks larry. The problem with the hospital that i am doing my clinical doesnt have advance technology to chart. :lol_hitti
  6. patrick.gines

    common situations encountered in emergency room

    is there alot of charting to be done? like charting after the admission?
  7. patrick.gines

    Male travel nurse?

    thanks everyone for giving me some details about travel nurse.
  8. patrick.gines

    the new person on the block !!!!!! HELP

    do you think that's the right place for you?
  9. patrick.gines

    Male travel nurse?

    I'm on my last year of nursing and i would like consider becoming a travel nurse when i get my Licence. Is this a good idea to gain more experience in different facilities? and become more competent with my skills?
  10. patrick.gines

    I hate this

    Believe me what happened on my classmates last year, their instructor quit in the middle of their clinical and they have to move to another hospital.
  11. patrick.gines

    LPN in the Philippines? is there really no way?

    If you want to wrap up your brain about this issue, you might wanna check the comments of this link: https://allnurses.com/philippine-nursing-forum/say-no-lpn-311473.html -It's a scam and LPN graduates in the Philippines will never gain acceptance to other countries because the government itself doesn't recognize the program. You need to be an RN in order to travel abroad.
  12. patrick.gines

    BSN Interview Attire?

    watch greys anatomy to give you an idea on how to dress simple but elegant.
  13. patrick.gines

    New Nursing Student - Clinicals Coming Up

    Last year on my first day from what i remember we had a orientation to get familiar with the place, read their protocols, policies and we just have to observe our preceptors. I was overwhelmed during my first week of clinical because i'm still trying to learn their dance routine but once you get familiar with it, everything will just be fine.
  14. patrick.gines

    Uncles/Aunts just don't understand...

    Very true.
  15. patrick.gines

    Uncles/Aunts just don't understand...

    Don't listen to them and they dont have the rights to judge you on your personal choice of career. Wsh you all the best.