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  1. sunflower918

    Sticky Politics

    This^^^^^. Like a thousand times lol... Jadelpn I always enjoy your articles!
  2. sunflower918

    Problems with instructors

    Have to say I completely agree with the fact that you ARE a paying customer...you are also an "adult learner" with different abilities/needs/experience as a student. I experienced the same situation when in nursing school...don't 'drink the kool-aid'-assert yourself as an experienced, intelligent adult student who is entitled as a paying customer to professionalism and respect from your instructors. It's their job!! Hang in there and good luck.
  3. sunflower918

    Burned out nurse starting over again

    Wholeheartedly agree with RNperdiem-you sound like a perfect candidate for paramedic school-more advanced than EMT practice, with plenty of "making something out of nothing" in the field to keep people alive... Good luck!
  4. sunflower918

    Drawing blood/phlebotomy tips and tricks

    Hi, I've been a phleb for 20 years now; just graduated from nursing school!! Almost everyone has a decent vein in their wrist-turn their hand so the thumb is on top and the pinkie finger is on the bottom (their hand will be "sideways"), and use a hot pack or wrap hand/wrist in a hot towel. These veins must be anchored properly or they will move away from the needle. Also, I don't know what your facility's policy is (some do not allow this), but in extreme cases I will draw from the inside wrist-palm side- after warming up the area with a hot pack. I use the smallest gauge needle I can get away with as this is a tender spot for the pt. Don't be afrain to check for surface veins on the upper arm or on the back of the upper arm; most elders have veins in some strange places you can access. Take your time whenever you can-better to take your time looking for decent access than to stick people numerous times. Good luck and remember-no one gets everyone-at times we all have a difficult day trying to get blood from these patients no matter how much experience we have! Hang in there:spin:
  5. sunflower918

    Nursing School: Did you turn into Jekyll & Hyde?

    Amen to John20 for the reply re: DDay at Normandy....now THAT'S a bad day at work... Keep the faith!
  6. sunflower918

    Hospital patients are happy with nurses' new smart phones

    Hi All, I work in a city hospital with a large nicu unit-over 70 beds. A couple of weeks ago they gave us the ascom phones and in this setting I think they really stink; how can you answer when you're giving care with both hands in the isolette?? But if you don't answer you're bothering the sh** out of the nurse in the next room who's also giving care with both hands in the isolette...and since he/she can't answer either the call goes to ALL the phones. I just don't see how this system will work in such a setting; maybe with adult pts it's better or more useful but it doesn't seem to be useful in a nicu. I guess we'll just have to adjust as usual...
  7. sunflower918

    what is your biggest pet peeve while at work?

    Hi all-biggest pet peeve is trying to show :heartbeat to the co-worker who "...doesn't need training in that..." even though she's never stepped foot in a NICU before!! Gah!!! Am always happy to help anyone who asks for it, and don't hesitate to ask for myself if need be.....