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"Old" New Grad Career Changer

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Hi All,

Graduated three years ago (LPN), took boards, got licensed. Have worked over 20 yrs in health care related job. As a midlife career changer, plan was to get work in nursing at current place of employment. (Been there with excellent record for almost ten yrs now).

Shortly following being awarded my license by BON, DH suffered a grevious injury at work keeping him out of work for next several years. I had to stay in current position as I carry health ins. and have excellent benefits. He has recently had sucessful sx to allow him to return to work.

So-what to do now? Have started to look into obtaining different certifications for healthcare providers (aside from what is required at work now), doing a lot of reading and studying of "the basics" from school, and looking into possible programs of study at schools nearby to refresh.

Any other suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Words of encouragement won't hurt either as this has been a long haul for us :-)


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HouTx has 35 years experience as a BSN, MSN, EdD and specializes in Critical Care, Education.

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Wonderful news about your DH!

So, are you looking for an entirely new career or to continue your nursing education by becoming an RN? I am a bit confused since you used the word "certifications". Most health careers start off with the same basic pre-reqs, so formal classes will undoubtedly be required no matter which direction you choose.

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Looking to work as an lpn and continue to rn (by bridge if possible).

By certifications I mean in addition to healthcare provider als/cpr/aed (infant and adult) which I have as required by my workplace. For example, i.v. cert.

Forgive me for sounding somewhat vague; just beginning to articulate for myself how I'd like to continue on this journey.

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