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  1. SpouseofChicagoCRNA

    Med school for experienced CRNA?

    Hi all, That is ironic for sure!
  2. Are there any MDA programs which will take CRNAs and give any kind of credit for courses taken and experience which might shorten the program and yet yield a MDA rather than a DNA?
  3. SpouseofChicagoCRNA

    Med school for experienced CRNA?

    Thanks for the response. You make good points. Actually there is more to the desire than just avoiding the barbs, but that is when she is most aware of it! She is a real leader, and Illinois has not opted out of having the MDA's signing for the CRNA's work. There are probably lots more reasons, but .... Do you know of any programs which take the CRNA into account? Thanks!
  4. SpouseofChicagoCRNA

    Current CRNA thinking about Med School

    Hi all, My wife has been the subject of a few insulting comments over the years, you know the kind 'because I'm the MDA, that's why'. She had made the hard choice to go with the CRNA while raising two kids on her own (before me), and has had a most remarkable career. But she has always regretted the choice; even though her career has been very fulfilling and rewarding. So, are there Med School MDA programs where an experienced CRNA get some credit for the program she has already achieved? Thanks so much!
  5. SpouseofChicagoCRNA

    Med school for experienced CRNA?

    Hi all, My wife is an experienced CRNA who keeps getting insulting comments from a couple of MDA's. You know, the usual, 'I'm the Anesthesiologist, that's why' comments. She had to make the tough decision of supporting a family by herself and that is one of the reasons she went the CRNA route and she has enjoyed a most remarkable career thus far. She does however regret not going to med school. Is there a (shorter) accredited program for transitioning to an MDA? I appreciate all the responses!