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  1. Dylan1206


    Has anyone got accepted yet for the FALL 2010 class? I heard they are making decisions soon. good luck everyone
  2. Dylan1206


    How hard is the school? If someone can handle AP1 and 2 then is BHSN manageable?
  3. Dylan1206

    Bridgeport School of Nursing Questions

    Thank u christine for all ur help. My friends and I were talking and we are so scared how hard BHSN is going to be and just wanna pass! Can you please explain how difficult BHSN is? Is it harder than AP 1 and 2? thank u very much
  4. Does any1 know when BHSN gets back to you? Do they accept right away or until they get all the applications? Also any1 know a good study guide for the TEAS? Thank u!
  5. I have so many questions about Bridgeport School of Nursing Questions because their website has not enough information for me. PPlease help!......... Is their any current BHSN students? If so what was you TEAS score? Any advice for studying for the test? When did you get your acceptance letter? How are classes going? What is the schedule for the Day program? What are the uniforms like?
  6. Great topic! I applied so far to BHSN then Nov 1 community college nurse programs. Im so nervous about the TEAS have u taken them yet? I plan on taking them in October I am ordering the study guide today.
  7. Hello students, Has anyone applied to Bridgeport School of Nursing 2010? When do we recieve letters of acceptance is it right away or until they get all the applicants? THANK YOU!