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  1. JPRloverNurse

    I got the labor and delivery job!!!

  2. JPRloverNurse

    what color is your ink?

    Red to check off orders.
  3. JPRloverNurse

    Oh no they didn't...uniform changes in florida

    That's very sad. The uniforms they usually want you to wear are so uncomfortable and don't fit! When I wear ill fitting clothing I feel so stupid and am less productive because I am thinking about how ridiculous and unprofessional I look! At the hospital I used to work at they had their employees "color coded" but you could buy any brand as long as they were the right color.
  4. JPRloverNurse

    facebook "stalking" as a nurse?

    I had a patient a few years ago who somehow knew what city I lived in. He told every nurse and aide that walked in his room what city they lived in too! I also had a psych patient who somehow knew I was a single parent, how many kids I had, where I lived, and the car I drove. He said he was going to be a great father to my children. SCARY! We had our first and last names on our badges there.
  5. JPRloverNurse

    Clinic nurses: If 1 million people join this group....

    :heartbeatGreat idea! Good luck to ya!:heartbeat
  6. JPRloverNurse

    worst death you've seen

    Before the death of my niece, I was in the room with a family when their 45 year old mother died of cancer. One of her 19 year old twin sons had left the floor to smoke and the other twin met him in the hallway. They grabbed eachother and fell to the floor sobbing and hugging. I cried. My coworkers cried. It was terrible.
  7. JPRloverNurse

    worst death you've seen

    I have seen many deaths. The worst was when my 2 year old niece died in 2009. My mother (who is also a nurse) and I washed and combed her hair afterward. I'll never forget my sister begging us to do something about all that gunk in her daughter's hair(from the code).
  8. JPRloverNurse

    Things colleagues have taught me NOT to do...

    Don't take your shoes and socks off to shower a patient (so you don't get your new shoes wet). Nasty.
  9. JPRloverNurse

    Some people should just stay quiet!!!

    The daughter's comments were rude and insulting.....you have every right to be offended. Why is everyone else being so rude about it too?
  10. JPRloverNurse

    when do you tell your pregnant? and shingles question

    You don't catch shingles. You can catch chicken pox if you have never had them before. Some physicians will say there's a risk to your fetus others say there is NO risk. Usually we don't let pregnant nurses or PCAs in the room with a shingles patient. I hope this helps.:redbeathe
  11. JPRloverNurse

    HESI Exit Exam Question

    My school requires 850 to pass. I got 1059. I didn't study at all. Just use your critical thinking skills.:)
  12. 1) This is not about YOU. 2) The comments you made were uncalled for. 3) There is absolutely NO reason a nursing student should be forced to undress and be touched by a classmate.
  13. You are by far the most inconsiderate poster on here! I feel sorry for your patients!
  14. JPRloverNurse