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  1. redmymind

    Academic reference question

    Call the schools you are applying to and explain your situation - I'm sure it's not an unusual question for them.
  2. redmymind

    UNC Charlotte/CMC CRNA

    Hi Everyone, I know there are a number of you out there who have interviewed for the UNCC/CMC CRNA program. I want to hear from you! I'm interviewing at the end of November, and I know a couple things about the interview, namely that it's a panel of 6 or 7 ppl (including the clinical and didactic program directors, current students, CRNAs, MDA). I'd love to hear more about the interview process -- any information would help. I know they'll ask some clinical questions -- are they general or very specific. How long is the interview? Did you get accepted after interviewing? Any insights or tips would be super helpful! Thanks in advance :)
  3. redmymind

    Columbia ETP 2010

    hey KHNurse2B. you pm'ed me; however, i can't write you back privately as i don't have enough posts. if you want to pm me again and give me your email address i'd be happy to answer your questions.
  4. redmymind

    Direct-Entrty Anesthesia Programs

    U Penn and Boston College also offer direct entry programs like Georgetown and Columbia. To qualify for this route you must have a Bachelor's degree in another field. You then complete an accelerated BSN (just over a year -- full time), take one year off to work in an ICU, then return for CRNA school. Hope this helps.
  5. redmymind

    taken boards max. times and failed

    To address the issue of state-by-state certification, there are, in fact, 3 states that do NOT require you to be certified according to the AANA. Those states are: Michigan, Indiana, and Hawaii. However, even though certification may not be required, I'm sure it would be harder to get hired as an uncertified anesthetist -- I don't know how comfortable potential employers would feel about bringing on someone without specialty certification. This information can be found by searching "certification" on the AANA website. http://www.aana.com/SearchResults.aspx A PDF of the certification requirements is the 3rd entry that comes up on the list when you search "certification."
  6. redmymind

    Non Nursing Bachelors to CRNA

    I did the accelerated program at Columbia and was able to find an ICU job after my BSN. Yes, it is harder to get a job in critical care as a new grad, but it definitely can be done. I applied to around 25 ICU positions and got interviews at 4 hospitals. From the time I took my Boards to my time of hire was about 1.5 months. Programs other than Columbia that offer accelerated BSN (for those who hold a Bachelor's in another field) to CRNA programs include UPenn and Georgetown. Duke also has an accelerated BSN program, but you would still have to apply to their CRNA program after finishing your BSN (it is not direct entry). But provided you do well in your BSN, Duke would prefer to accept one of their own students into the CRNA program than a lateral student. Hope some of this helps.