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UNC Charlotte/CMC CRNA

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Hi Everyone,

I know there are a number of you out there who have interviewed for the UNCC/CMC CRNA program. I want to hear from you! I'm interviewing at the end of November, and I know a couple things about the interview, namely that it's a panel of 6 or 7 ppl (including the clinical and didactic program directors, current students, CRNAs, MDA). I'd love to hear more about the interview process -- any information would help. I know they'll ask some clinical questions -- are they general or very specific. How long is the interview? Did you get accepted after interviewing? Any insights or tips would be super helpful! Thanks in advance :)

Hi! I just read your read your posting, which is still recent. How was your interview session with the CMC/UNCC "panel"? And when do you expect to hear "results"?

I am interested in applying to CMC/UNCC NA program, FALL 2012. Good luck!

Just bumping this thread to see if there is anyone who has interviewed with CMC and is willing to share their experience?

Thanks! :)

I just interviewed 4/2 for fall 2011 start. I was selected as an "alternate". Anyone have experience as an alternate and willing to share their experience? Anyone accepted within the last month? When is your decision and deposit due? Just trying to get a feel for my chance to progress to admission....

Thinking positive thoughts...

Just wondering did you get in? I start in Aug 2012 and am trying to find out more about what to expect?

I did get in. :) I'd be happy to get you some insight if you want to post or message me your email. Congrats!

Yes, insight would be much appreciated. My email is ckcboxerpups. Thanks!


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Any more information about being on the alternate list? I have just been selected to be on the alternate list

i recently got an interview for at uncc/cmc to start fall 2013. any advice you all could give on how to interview or how the program is??


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It's been awhile, but wondering if you got into the program? What did you like best about it? I have an interview coming up, and I was just wondering what your thoughts were. Thanks!

can you please give me details?