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  1. Catoco

    HELP me out please

    thank u for the reply,... stanbridge in irvine have part time, do u think i can do part time which is 2 days 4 hours class and 2 days 8 hours clinical plus 4 days work??? cause actually it fits my sched, monday school from 6-10pm-- tues work 630 to 3-- wed work 630 to 3 then school 6-10pm thurs work 630-3, fri work 630-3, sat and sun clinical... do u think it'll work??? coz i really dont know how hard the program is... what do you think??? again any comments would be really appreciated...
  2. Catoco

    HELP me out please

    hi name is nio i'm currently working as a medtech for 3 years now and i'm planning to take the lvn program. i'm kinna new in the game and dont know where to go.. as money really matters to me im planning to take part time. i've heard from nurses that worked with me that it's better to take full time , well some of them tell me to take part time. im currently working 1 job 4 days a week am shift, is it true that the passing rate for part time is lower than full time???... HELP ME OUT PLZ... and another thing is how about ROP? now with ROP i can be a full time student and quit my job... but again how hard is it in ROP both getting in the program and staying in the program??? cause if i quit my job and be a full time student I HAVE TO GRADUATE if not than i will suffer starting my life all over again from scratch.... HELP ME OUT do u guys think i could make it with full time student plus 4 days working??? do anybody know if i can borrow money from gov or institute for my cost of living so that i could quit my job and really concentrate on my studies??? any replies would be really appreciated