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Any recommendation on these bridge programs in denver area ? How long does it takes ? How hard is it compared to LPN school ? And how much did you pay ? I know BSN is the way to go but im thinking of doing ADN first then work with more pay as ADN RN, do BSN when ADN school fees are payed off. Also do you need pre reqs to do RN ADN from LPN? Please advice

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If you look at most of the community college websites they have that info posted. Yes you have to do the same prerequisites as direct entry into the ADN program. The ones I've looked at are around 3 semesters (counting summer, so one full year). I think most of the community colleges in Colorado are set up somewhat similarly, so I think it would be similar in Denver. (I've mainly looked in the Springs and Pueblo.)

Good luck!

Edit: Actually, as I was typing this I looked into the Denver area ones and am not seeing a lot of (public) options for LPN to ADN. (I don't know all the Denver schools though so I only looked at Denver and Aurora.) But Fort Morgan is only two semesters after you get the prerequisites done:


I know that Pikes Peak, Otero (in La Junta), and Pueblo also have options. But options right in Denver look limited. :(

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