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  1. mcpnurse

    dear patients, please quit saying that to me

    omg hahaha.
  2. mcpnurse

    dear patients, please quit saying that to me

    thank you! i don't consider myself thin-skinned and i do joke around with most of my patients but like a previous posting mentioned, there are some people out there who likes to constantly say it to you after you tell them to stop. and for everyone else, to the tall.. the short... the average height people... thanks for commenting!! i feel loved on this forum hehehe
  3. mcpnurse

    dear patients, please quit saying that to me

    I guess it does have its benefits... your last sentence cracked me up And yes, there are a lot more things to be annoying about but it just bothers me when some patients tell me that they don't want me as their nurse because I'm "too young". Then I have to give the same speech all over again.
  4. A little about me: I'm in my mid 20's, 5'1 tall, and petite with a baby-face look. Thanks to genetics, I look short and younger than I am. I don't like it when patients calls me "cute" and tiny, and if I'm still in high school. I used to say "thank you" and ignore them and "I'm a lot older than you think". A lot of times my patients judge me as soon as I walk into the room and say "are you old enough to care for me?" and I tell them that I went through school, have 2 bachelor's degree and am a licensed RN....etc. Don't get me wrong, I love talking to my patients and caring for them but sometimes it gets annoying when both female/male patients say "your hands are so tiny" and wants to compare hands. Then throughout the day they start saying stuff like oh you're the shortest nurse here, that's cute.... let me see your tiny hands again. At that point, I just ignore them and change the subject regarding their care. Ugh. Dear patients, quit saying that I'm cute and tiny and just let me do my work. sorry, just a vent.
  5. mcpnurse

    OR nurse organizations? reading material?

  6. Hello to all OR nurses I would like to know what kind of professional affiliations can you join as an OR nurse. What is the best for a new nurse with
  7. mcpnurse

    New RNs

    yes.. it's very common for new grads to feel this way. Don't give up, always ask questions, and study things that you don't know. Just need some more time to feel more comfortable.
  8. mcpnurse

    Nurse is an Angel

    wow what a profound connection you have with the nurse. I enjoyed reading your story =) thanks!
  9. mcpnurse

    Chances of getting into NICU after working at private office?

    Agree that any experience as a nurse is beneficial. At least it shows that you're not just staying at home doing nothing. I think the fact that you're doing women's health is great b/c it is related to babies. Try joining NANN and other associations. Perhaps volunteer at hospital as a cuddler while you are still working your job. Start making connections. Just don't give up if NICU is what you want to do!
  10. mcpnurse

    How I found a job.

    how do you find out what their hiring process is? is it ok to call HR and ask the recruiter? i have no idea... hehe
  11. mcpnurse

    i need some advice!

    don't worry about the math & science.. if you're really interested in nursing & dedicated to it, you will overcome the difficulties :) I'm not great in math but I studied my butt off and constantly asked ppl questions if I didn't understand something. I'm now working my 1st job and I'm getting better and better with math.
  12. does anyone know what the salary is nowadays?
  13. mcpnurse

    hospital salary

    dumb questions but just wondering... people have been telling me that certain specialty RN's make more than others within the same hospital. Is this true? or do all RN's make the same? or is it diff. at diff. hospitals? (fyi, I live in NY)
  14. mcpnurse

    Anyone hospitals hiring new grads for NICU?

    Thanks Tankweti ! I applied there :) nycnurse, that's just terrible! I thought I'd give it a try... I live in NY and there are no jobs here either. =(
  15. Hi, I'm willing to relocate to anywhere in NJ. Does anyone know if they're hiring new grads for NICU? Thankss