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    Hay guys I’m looking to take my exam soon for Nj..Since I graduated from the Philippines but was born and raised in the states, Nj requires the TOFEL is there any way around this since all my programs were in English? Seems like TOFEL will be a waste of my time, my second option is to just apply for the NY BON..any help is appreciated
  2. vjethan

    CGFNS question

    Hi guys, ever since the new change in CGFNS i had to redo everything with all my paper work, i just have a quick question, they needed a Request transcript form for my school to sign, seal, etc. CGFNS told me its on their sight where i can download it and its a new form, but i can't find it..has anyone have the pdf file or a sample of it? i have a copy but I'm not sure if its the right one..any help is appreciated..thanks!