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  1. Best scrub store sacramento area

    What store do you think has the nicest scrubs at the lowest prices? I'm about to start work and I need to find some scrubs and I don't have a lot of money. I'd like to buy a couple designer tops. Thanks in advance.
  2. Was told I'd have a 2nd interview... no call

    I GOT the job!!!
  3. Was told I'd have a 2nd interview... no call

    Whew... they finally called me this morning after a week of me going crazy waiting by the phone. Next week I have a set second interview. I hope this pans out for me, this job is an amazing opportunity and I can see myself with this hospital/company ...
  4. Hello everyone! I don't know if I'm stressing or what. I had an interview last week (Wednesday I think) and it went great. Before I left I was told that she'd probably call me that night or the following day to schedule my second interview. I waited ...
  5. Interview yesterday... need advice

    I just called, the lady remembered me and before I could say anything she apologized for not calling. She said the reason she hadn't called for my second interview was only because she was working out the time the Dr. was free to interview me next we...
  6. Interview yesterday... need advice

    I never thought of that, thank you. Do you have a suggestion as to when I should call?
  7. Interview yesterday... need advice

    Hello all. I had an interview yesterday. If I had to grade myself on the interview I'd give me an A. It was very comfortable and they seemed very impressed with me and we had a lot of serious talk and also laughed in the interview with stories. The l...
  8. NEW salary post for LVN

    My applications keep asking what I expect for my hourly salary wage. I'm a new grad LVN, have never worked in the medical field. What is a reasonable starting wage for the Sacramento area? Or what did you make as a new grad (please try to keep it 200...
  9. Why did you choose to work in OB/GYN?

    I'm thinking of applying to OB/GYN offices. Could you tell me why you chose to work in this department. What are the pros and cons? Why is womens health important to you? Thanks in advance!
  10. Job interview Sutter in Sac tomorrow

    Hello all. I have a job interview as an LVN for Sutter in Sacramento. I was curious to see if there is anyone on this site that works for Sutter and how they like it. What are the pros and cons? How are the benefits? Salary for a new grad? Any pointe...
  11. I'm looking for an I.V. certification class ASAP in the Sacramento area or East Bay San Fran. I'd like to do a straight shot course, meaning three to four days in a row instead of every Saturday for a month. The sooner the better to start. Any sugges...
  12. Took NCLEX PN stopped at 85

    Search the "Pearson vue trick" on here... it explains in detail what it is :)
  13. Took NCLEX PN stopped at 85

    Congrats to the both of you! I have no reason to doubt the Pearson Vue Trick... it worked for me when I passed. And it worked for my friend who failed.
  14. New grad resume

    Thank you so much! That was very helpful. After reading your response I'm going to change my objective. It wasn't very detailing. Your example cover letter also helped me, I wasn't really sure how it should look and with your help I can see your exam...
  15. Nclex results on hold due to speeding ticket..LONG!

    I received my temp license last weds. It would have taken me two months but lets just say the lady was really nice who worked there.