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  1. Hello, I am a nurse researcher working on a last minute project, and I am doing a project related to a gap analysis of care management software. I am trying to determine the capabilities of Case Management software packages that are currently in use...
  2. OHSU Informatics?

    Anyone here a grad of or attending OHSU's informatics program? Their program is Medical Informatics rather then nursing informatics, does this make a huge difference?
  3. Chamberlain losing NLNAC?!?

    I just got a letter from Chamberlain stating that they are not going to maintain their NLNAC accreditation, saying that since most schools have either NLNAC or CCNE accreditation (not both) having both is not necessary. First, is this really the case...
  4. What Research is Needed?

    I think that we have all seen the topic: Need Ideas for a Research Paper... We all want to write something that will be interesting to us, but what is REALLY the icing on the cake is when the research is actually needed! For a lot of us students, we ...
  5. Computers + RN = Food stamps

    Warning: this is another "I need a job, what should I do?" email, so feel free to move on if you are sick of them. I swear, the next person that says something along the lines of "But isn't there a huge nursing shortage?" is going to get popped in t...
  6. Unethical? Illegal?

    Are you sure that the mom bribed the nurse and didn't just pay a $50 fee for the service? I know a friend who wanted this, but she decided to just grit her teeth and have it done at teh mall, as the hospital wanted three times as much as a standard ...
  7. Nurse Kept my Great Grandfathers wedding Ring

    I would talk to the LVN and tell her to give the ring back. Explain that this is not ethical, that the wife is upset, and that it's plain wrong. Even if she is an unlicenced worker, she should listen to reason and give the ring back, because it is ...
  8. What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    My friend said that after Lord of the Rings came out she got a lot of kids named Elrond and Frodo and such... can you imagine doing that to a kid? Frodo is cute for a baby, not so cute looking on a resume when the kid is 20... There is a girl named ...
  9. Good morning, Well, I am in a good position to work overseas for a bit, and I want to volunteer. I have minimal experience, and I have decided that rather then spending a year or so trying to get a job, I am just going to work with an established "v...
  10. Need to find a nursing school near Kansas City

    Do NOT go to St. Luke's College in Sioux City. they are a horrible school with horrible teachers, and embarring drop-out and expulsion rate, and they are very expensive. I know a lot of people that transferred to WITCC, and they stated that it was ...
  11. Chamberlain: NR443/361 Syllabi?

    Hello, I am going through acemdemic withdrawl during the break, and I have a bunch of free time. I would like to get a jump on my classes and start to at least do the reading. Does anyone have a copy of the syllabi for NR351 (Information Systems i...
  12. need help for paper

    actually, it's "there" not "their". not sure about a shortage of nurses, but there is a shortage of people who can use english properly.
  13. ADN army reserves

    I had pretty much the EXACT same idea. I was going to hit the reserves, take advantage of the STRAP to get my BSN, and then join active duty. As soon as I got my graduation date, I called the recruiter back and he told me that the STRAP was tempora...
  14. Adventist and Agnostics?

    Well, I hope that you get the job, both ultristically because I hope you get a job, and selfishly because then you can tell me your experiences in this facility. Good luck and let me know how it turns out!!
  15. Adventist and Agnostics?

    elkpark, I would be happy to work at the type of institution that you talk about, but the statements by 2011 graduate paint a very different picture. I have too worked at places with different affiliations, and within the same affiliations (Lutheria...