Did you love your RN-BSN research paper? What was it on?

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it really bothers me when people post their assignments on this board and ask others to answer them, essentially asking thier peers to do their homework. therefore i had an internal debate on posting this question, but i have decided to simply because i am so interested in what others have written about.

i am not looking for answers, i am looking for inspiration!

it's that time... the dreading apa nursing research paper!!!! i have always dreaded writing these things because i can never think of a topic. either my topic is too vague (nursing and the role of organ donation) or too narrow (evaluating handwashing vs alcohol rubs nosocomial mrsa infections). either way, i end up hating my topic!!

i am curious what other students have written about that they thought was a great topic. i am not looking to steal your idea, rather i am hoping that discussion will lead me (and perhaps others!) into new areas of possible paper topics.

topics that look at the nurses role are very appreciated-- that is the area i need to think about, and the area i am least interested in!


the piper

Specializes in Pediatric Pulmonology and Allergy.

I wrote one paper on futile care, different opinions on what constitutes futile care and how to facilitate communication between healthcare providers and family members regarding end of life issues. It was a solid paper and I read a lot on this issue and I think came to a good understanding.

I wrote another paper on ALS, theories of pathogenesis, nursing interventions and psychosocial impact. In addition to reviewing many scientific papers with the latest ALS research I also read many biographies/autobiographies of ALS sufferers (a la Tuesdays With Maury) which gave a thorough understanding of the psychosocial side of this illness.

My final research paper was on healthcare in New York for low-income children. The paper wasn't quite what I originally intended it to be. I wanted to get a broad overview of charity care in the United States to take a historical perspective on the current healthcare crisis. My instructor wanted the paper to be more specific so it became a study focusing on a single demographic in a single area. I still don't feel like I learned enough about healthcare economics but it's a sea that's very wide and deep, I think I'd need to major in this area to feel that I really have a handle on it. What's ironic is that whenever I read any threads on the healthcare debate (whether here or on other message boards) I feel that I don't know enough to participate even though I have written 2 research papers on the subject so far (I also did one for my previous degree).

I'm sorry, I have nothing to offer you. I've hated every single one of my research papers. I've been thoroughly uninspired, and I hate hate hate it.

I can write a good paper; I have a degree in literature, and my husband is a language instructor who proof reads everything I write. I love research, outside of school. I've gotten A's on all but one of my papers. I proof read a friend's graduate school papers, and her grades have significantly improved with my input. I get excited about HER papers. I don't know why I am so completely blah when it comes to writing mine. *I'm* bored when I read my own, they are so formulaic and monotone. If I were my instructor, I would give myself Cs for writing such bullcrap. It's really embarrassing.

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