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  1. mommy1strn

    Need LPN travel position

    Coming to the end of my assignment and I am having trouble finding an LPN travel assignment. Any advice? (M/S, Dialysis, LTC, SNF)
  2. I am traveling from the midwest to the north west (MT). Any advice? My apartment is fully furnished and I will be driving (28hrs... ). I am traveling with a large dog so frequent stops are a must. I have booked 2 stops at hotels.
  3. mommy1strn

    Moving to MT tomorrow!

    I will be moving from the midwest. Does anyone have any advice on what to bring? What kind of wheather I can expect over the next few months? What kind of things to do? Any advice???
  4. mommy1strn

    LPN's traveling

    I spoke to a travel nursing company today. They were really nice to me at first. When I told her that I am an LPN she suddenly became short with me and rude. She acted like she was doing me a favor by just talking to me. She had several LPN openings that I was interested in, but I can't stand that attitude. Am I just being touchy or should I try to get anothe recruiter? I know LPN positions can be hard to come by with regards to travel nursing. I don't want to burn a bridge...
  5. mommy1strn

    Travel nursing agency??

    I have already been checking with them, and they do place LPNs. Do you have any info about them? RN Network was really nice when I spoke with them. She had several LPN openings. When I told her I am an LPN she didn't give me that OHhhh :uhoh21: ... that some of the agencies will give you.
  6. mommy1strn

    Travel nursing agency??

    I am starting to get that impression. What about Medical Express, Favorite Nurses, or RN Network?
  7. mommy1strn

    Housing for travel nurses?

    [color=gray]i have verbally agreed to take a travel position, but the agency can't find satisfactory housing that allows dogs. (i have a golden retreiver) i seem to be the only one who thinks this is a big deal. the agency also wants me to sign the lease in my name (when they do find housing) because i have a dog. is this normal practice? should i be afraid of things to come if i am uneasy already. i have never traveled before, so this may just be nerves. please help! i need advice! is it too late to back out now!
  8. mommy1strn

    St. Peter's hospital

    Is this a large hospital?
  9. mommy1strn

    Travel nursing agency??

    Does anyone have any expirence with Aureus Medical? I have been talking to them about a position in Montana and just wanted to do my research. Any other LPN's (or RN's) have any travel agency suggestions? Please help!