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nyhoneydew has 13 years experience and specializes in psychiatric, LTC, acute, rehab.

I have been in the health care field since high school. My goal has always to go to nursing school get my BSN work for a while and maybe get my masters degree. I have two kids and we have just moved from the east to the west coast.

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  1. I'm thinking about taking the 30 unit option. Seems like every time I finish a class with the hopes of getting into the program they change the requirements. First I had to take another math class then they added a pharm class. While doing all that my sciences expired so now I would have to retake them. Does anyone have any real experience in this area? I've done the research and don't plan on moving out of state. I figure the way things are going it would take me at least another few years to actually get into the program if I retake all my sciences. please respond if you've actually taken this route. I'd love to hear your experience.
  2. I was listening to the radio this morning and heard of a school called APU christian based school and was wondering if anyone has ever heard of them. I'm not from here so I could really use some input on the situation. I'm on the wait list for Mira Costa for spring 2012 which is so far away and I already have my pre reqs done so dunno. I guess I'm looking to start now. Sooooo tired of waiting
  3. nyhoneydew

    HHA working as a LPN

    In some states they do have what is called a Med Tech which you do all the same things as a nurse but you still have to be trained and certified to do so. I know of a few facilities who offer jobs like these but being asked to work as an LPN without being an LPN in not OK anything could happen and of course the place you work for would cover their butts before covering yours. Be careful with these types of situations. I was once fired from a job because of the same situation but I was working as a cna in an Assisted living situation I was only on orientation when the DON asked me to take a complete unit to myself and administer meds umm don't think so. In the end even though I got fired for pointing out that it was against the law they were eventually closed down because family members found out what was going on and reported it. And you know what happend to the nurses....not good. So if you are intending on furthering your education don't get caught up with things that could destroy that.
  4. nyhoneydew

    TEAS test in San Diego?

    I need to take the TEAS but when I go to the ATI website it doesn't give me any results for San Diego. Does anyone know what school I can take it at without having to travel 2 hours outside of where I live?
  5. nyhoneydew

    Accelerated or Trad. BSN costs???

    Anything accelerated or going to a private school will always cost more because they can charge whatever they want basically...be careful of which programs you choose to go to because you can't transfer credits and if you go to for instance Kaplan which charges about $40 for the 2 yr program (private loans only) most places won't hire you because they feel that their clinical training isn't strong enough. Keep in mind that even though nurses are in demand it's hard to find jobs right out of school becuase there are so many of us trying to get the same jobs
  6. nyhoneydew

    Congrats your accepted....to the wait list! Now What?

    You know what I hadn't thought about saving money while I wait...totally possible. I already took the advice from another member and got into some classes. Two years is a long time and I can rack up some good credits, too bad I can't take more nursing classes, I guess that would defeat the purpose of waiting huh. Anyway I'll be taking some classes towards the BSN while I wait and since there aren't many more classes I need I can use the rest of the time saving money so I don't have to work as much when I do get in. Great advice...I'll take it!! I'm so much more excited now. I'll be applying to Palomar here in CA to see if I can get in there any sooner than 2012. It's worth a try Keep the good advice coming!!!
  7. nyhoneydew

    Congrats your accepted....to the wait list! Now What?

    Thanks for the positive input...my thoughts too on taking classes towards the BSN. I guess I'm just impatient right now. I'm so close but so far away. I'm signing up for some classes today maybe some western civ or something like that. Yeah I can rack up some decent credits in two years, maybe I'll luck up and get in sooner. Thanks guys I needed some encouragement!!! As far as taking med. terminology, I've finished the pre reqs and I am already a cna (act) in a hospital already on the tele floor.
  8. Ok well I have been put through the ringer with school since I moved to CA. I have applied to every school that I've heard about. I finally get an acceptance letter and it says Congratulations your accepted but its not until Spring 2012 and it said we'll call you if you can start sooner. Now don't get me wrong I am glad to have been accepted especially since I've met people who have been on the wait list for up to 3 years and are still not in any classes and of course I didn't expect to be at the top of the list but with the exception of one class all of my pre req's are done. What classes do I take now if any. I don't want to waste time taking classes I don't need but I don't want to loose any knowledge I've learned either. I'm going into a ADN program but was initially in a BSN program before I moved here and yes....who knows how long it would have taken at a 4 year college. So I guess what i'm asking is do I take classes as if I'm going for the BSN for now even though i'm not at the moment? Reality has just taken a big bite out of my butt and I need help putting the pieces back together. 2012 isn't that far off but it is when you have been working on this for the past couple of years. I'm still going to go for it but where do I go from here?
  9. That's a pretty good rate for just starting out. I am working here in oceanside now at an area hospital. I'm pretty satisfied with the pay. What school are you going to?
  10. nyhoneydew

    Anyone going beyond their CNA license??

    I am a CNA now and I am 40 credits into my BSN but I have decided to go to an advanced program for the ADN just to get my foot in the door, then I will complete my BSN onto the masters but eventually I plan to become a practitioner. I hope to start school in Jan/Feb of next year!!
  11. nyhoneydew

    So I got a job!!!...BUT....

    Hi all! So I finally got a job at an area hospital as an ACT and orientation is long as usual. The pay is actually pretty good and I feel like I will like the working there. I met with my manager and she asks me a bunch of questions about my experience and then about my education. I told her that I was in pre nursing school and I was in the midst of transferring to a school that would accomodate my needs. So she said "oh thats great what school?" I told her that I was looking at Kaplan and West Coast University because all of the wait lists were about 3 years long....long story short she said well I shouldn't say this but be careful about your choice because some hospitals won't hire graduates of certain schools because they might no feel that the graduate of those schools might not have had a good clinical experience. Is that discrimination? Why does it matter what school you go to as long as you are capable and competent enough to pass the state board? And as a new grad nurse don't you have to be trained to a certain degree anyway? I'm confused, she told me I was better off waiting out the 3 years for my name to come up on a list.....I didn't want to say too much, I just got the job and I don't want to appear as bothered but should I feel a little put off? I would really like to be able to continue working at the same place once I finish school, I don't know how to take this. Can a hospital choose not to hire you based on what school you went to?
  12. nyhoneydew

    Anyone know any schools without insane wait lists?

    Thanks for responding to my dilemas:up: I have been doing a little research and did find two schools with no wait lists in CA, WCU is accelerated for the BSN 39 months if you don't have any schooling at all, less is your credits transfer and Kaplan has both ADN and LVN programs. The ADN is 20 months long and the LVN is 15 months long is you go full time 20 months if you go part time. My new dilema is now figuring out which one will fit my lifestyle the best and if I should take out a loan to cover my living expenses while I go to school or kill myself working and going to school at the same time.....I NOT EVEN IN SCHOOL YET AND I AM STRESSED OUT!! With the economy the way it is now do you think they are even giving out loans like this?
  13. nyhoneydew

    I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place!

    From what i'm told the LPN is not a credit based program, you don't earn a degree just a diploma so i'm not really sure how that works but I will ask. I found out that Kaplan has the LPN and ADN program so i'm going to check into that. Thanks for your advice i'll definately look into another degree that will give me an advantage.
  14. nyhoneydew

    LVN/LPN School info for everyone (tuition etc)

    I was initially looking for an LPN program and came across this one. Don't really know if you're looking for a RN program but just talked to someone at West Coast Univ. (3 locations) they have a accelerated BSN 39 months give or take less is you have college credits already no wait list, tuition is 15K per semester classes start every 10 weeks. accredited etc. If your going to spend 40K on LPN why not try this. I am. Only downside I don't really care for is the schedule, you can't pick it they give you one 30 days prior to the start of class and she said its morning mid-day and evenings. I hear Kaplan has an LPN program as well, don't know the particulars though.
  15. I am a pre nursing student going towards my BSN i'm 40 credits and have done my pre reqs and this year my family had to move to San Diego. I was hoping to be able to enroll into a school and finish my degree but i'm finding out that even though I have completed the pre reqs and even my first nursing class there is an insane wait list to actually get into nursing programs here. I really want to get my BSN but how long will I have to wait while taking unnecessary classes in order to still qualify to be in the program? What do I do? Do I go to an LPN/LVN program with no wait list finish that and then go to a LPN to RN program? I hear that the wait list is not as long and I can even do it online. But at the same time getting and LPN won't earn me any college credits towards anything will it? I don't want to be in school forever!! I really want to be back in school this spring and I am having a hard time with this decision. Has anyone gone through this problem? Please help!
  16. nyhoneydew

    Should I just give up on nursing?

    Maybe you're just not a good test taker. It sounds like you are studying too much. Try a different approach in your studying skills like reading it aloud or in blocks (taking out a section at a time foucus on that and then quizzing yourself). Try to figure out what issue you have with taking a test and build from there. I make up songs or poems even jokes to help me remember all the information we learn. One big thing that I do is study in an environment that is not stressful and free from chaos I study for an hour or so then take a break and give myself time to soak the information in. My Psych professor taught me to study for 1 hour at a time basically because your brain needs time for the new information to be stored it into your long term memory. Don't overload yourself and never give up. You'll get it eventually. Good luck!