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  1. Hi Michelle, Good luck with RACC nursing school. I too graduated from RACC NS last May 2009. I and other posters were probably in the same program. I took the evening program though. I agree with them that RACC NS is tough but I enjoyed everything I ...
  2. New Grads and Resumes

    hello everyone! can i also pm/email my resume to ilovenursing2009, tclema or anyone interested to comment on my resume? i would surely appreciate all your comments... glad to find this thread!
  3. Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    thanks, 2bNurse4life4ever! oh love the cake!
  4. Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    hi all. i posted (#3674) yesterday that i tried the PV trick. wow! this PV trick is truly amazing and so true! i took my nclex yesterday afternoon and today @ 9:30 am (less than 24 hours) my name was posted already at my BON website that I'm now an R...
  5. Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    just got back from taking my nclex-rn test for the very 1st time (i had 77 Qs). i hurried home and was so nervous as well as excited to try the most acclaimed PV tricky. i keyed all the info and said a little prayer before hitting the button. the wo...
  6. Milliunits math problem

    Just glad to find this dosage problem in milliunits. here's my answer... 1 Unit = 1000 milliunits (mU) Dose desired: 2 milliunits/min Dose on hand: 30 units/500 mL or 60 milliunits/mL (this is the dose concentration) So: dose desired x dose concentra...
  7. Hopefully somebody can answer this...

    you got it right. you're welcome! btw, good luck in your nclex exam.
  8. Hopefully somebody can answer this...

    hi there! when you click the RESCHEDULE @, it won't cancel the current date you selected unless you will select another date and confirm it. then pearsonvue will email you confirmation of the new selected date. i changed my testing da...
  9. Has anyone used the nclex 4000

    I have used the NCLEX 4000 and liked it. this program has better options because you can set it up for # of questions you want. The rationale is given at the bottom of the page once you click/pick the answer. I also used the Saunders CD 4thEd and Hog...
  10. some NCLEX tips

    Congratulations, nextgenRN!!! Also, thanks for sharing your nclex tips. I could use some of these tips when I will do my nclex review in 2 months (hopefully).
  11. Is Kaplan helpful?

    hi all! my nursing school is offering an optional Kaplan Review package after graduation for 2 weeks. the review package includes assess/diagnostic tests, lectures, and qbank. i'm wondering -- did you do kaplan at your school? was it helpful in your...
  12. Is Kaplan helpful?

    hello all. thanks for taking the time to reply on my OP question, and CONGRATULATIONS to those who passed the nclex. i'm not sure yet if i would opt in for that kaplan review at my school. i read about kaplan testing strategies from an an old/discard...
  13. Spring 2009 Graduating Class

    me too. ADN program. i put a big sign on my wall "I will and can graduate on May 22, 2009!" a pinning ceremony in the morning and graduation in the afternoon.
  14. Gearing up for next semester : )

    it's uplifting that everybody is excited for the next semester. 22 days to go for my final and 2nd full semester! my CC has changed their curriculum from term to semestral last semester. i only had 1 nursing class last semester but it felt it was the...
  15. Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    feliz3 - it's on page 258/259. i think, it's more like a general tip/strategy in regard to psychotropic drugs/meds. you particularly mentioned to pay attention to it. thanks to you! i also love the "3D's of Cardiac Tamponade".
  16. Where did you work or type of jobs were you

    hi! i worked as data entry clerk for 10 yrs but was laid off last october. so am unemployed now and will have more time for studying for my next nursing class which will start in 3 wks.
  17. Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    hi all! i'm happy to find this thread. i'm a slow reader and so it will take time for me to read all the 262 pages and counting... keep throwing the "facts", guys! so far, i love the tip about psychotropic drugs and CNS stimulant/depressant. somehow,...
  18. Maternity position interview questions.

    Hi there. Congratulations! i'm curious. could you share the questions that were asked during your interview? Thank you. (i'm just a lurker and hopefully will start my clinical this fall)