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I am a mother of 5 ages 3-18, husband is active duty army, I will start the nursing program at UAA full time in September with all co-reqs and pre-reqs done. I was in a nursing program in Oregon but had to withdraw after a back now!

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  1. MSN or DNP?..

    Hello friends, I am the manager of OB/MS units at my CAH. I am finishing my MSN in leadership and management. I am considering doing my DNP, but I am curious to know if a DNP would make a difference for promotions, or if my MSN is sufficient fo...
  2. Supervisor Interview

    This is great advice, can you give an example of the velvet hammer? thx!!
  3. Help?!?

    Hi!! I have been a labor n delivery nurse for 17 years. I have an MSN in nursing leadership and management, but what I really want is to be a CNM. Does anyone know what the best pathway would be to go from MSN to CNM?
  4. I don’t understand why you are shooting yourself in your own foot?!!? Why aren’t you willing to try? Even if it takes you several attempts, as an OB manager, I would be impressed if a candidate tried over and over to work on my unit, and quite frankl...
  5. COVID-19, Nursing shortage, and Nursing Students

    I am an experienced RN/labor and delivery. I don't have a Washington license, but I hold an active license in many other states. I applied for a travel job in Washington because the recruiter said he had been told that they would let me work on my Id...
  6. Mercy in Redding CA, L&D?

    Anyone traveled to labor n delivery at this hospital in N CA?
  7. EFM Interpretation Help

    The NICHD guidelines are very clear. This is a prolonged, only a prolonged. It definitely has a late component, but the definitions are clear, and this is a perfect definition of a prolonged, regardless of where it started.
  8. New OB Mgr in CAH, tips n tricks?

    Hi all, i have been at my new manager job in a critical access hospital for 3 weeks. Basically they said, here is the key....go!! The other managers are busy and my orientation has been almost non existent. I reached out to all the other managers fo...
  9. Salem Hospital Residency Winter 2017

    I want to tell you all good luck! I did Salem Hospitals labor n delivery new grad internship about 11 years ago. It was very, very good!! SH is a great place to work!!
  10. Suggested Books and Resources

    First of all...CONGRATULATIONS!!! You will love L&D....after the initial learning curve. We have the happiest days in the hospital but the saddest days as well. L&D is physically very, very difficult, emotionally demanding, and mentally chall...
  11. Queens EKG??

    Hi all, I'm looking to take a labor and delivery position at Queens in Honolulu, but they require an EKG test first. You get 2 chances to pass and then you are done. I have taken ACLS for years, but only to keep my cert, you just don't use ACLS or re...
  12. Final interview with all the OB docs:HELP!

    It went well! Thank you for asking!! They did my background check and I accepted the position today!!!! Im very excited!!
  13. Final interview with all the OB docs:HELP!

    Hi all! im looking for input. I have an interview for a manager position on Tuesday. This is the third and final interview. This is a panel interview with all the doctors (most anyways) that we deal with on this unit. This is for an IB nurse manager ...
  14. Help please! Last time I travelled was 1990

    FREEDOM Healthcare. Ask for Crystal Lavato. I travelled with AYA and had bad experiences. FREEDOM is fabulous!! Crystal will hustle and attempt to get you higher pay and anything else you request. They are organized and friendly and try to arrange ev...
  15. Alaska travel pay expectations

    Hi all, I am considering a travel assignment in Alaska. I have lived there before, in fact I graduated from nursing school in anchorage so I know what to expect as far as living there. My question is regarding travel pay for labor and delivery. Has ...