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  1. aloha16

    Charge Nurse dividing Assignments

    Im just wondering how the charge nurse assign the patient to the nurses at the beginning of the shift. One night I have 7 patient and 6 of which are in some types of precaution tb, (2)MRSA, (2)c. diff. meningitis. Im a new nurse, so I have no idea how this division of assignments goes. I follows all the precaution, but I am still afraid to catch anything. Some nurses will have a couple but they never had 6 at the same time.
  2. How does dealing with difficult patient helps you grow as a nurse? I have been dealing with may difficult family members recently and I am very burn out because of this. Family asking for pain meds constantly, going to other patient room just to look for me, constant complain.
  3. aloha16

    Med/ surg nurse to patient ratio

    What is the normal med surg ratio? I just started to this new facility that cancelled nurses all the time stating that low census, but let the nurses on the floor with 7 patients. I feel like 7 patient is too much and how can you expect to give quality care for patient when you have that much patient.
  4. aloha16

    Fail to scan narcotics- tramadol

    No. I did pull it out the Pyxis on the first time, si ve she told me before hand that she doesn't want it. After an hour I pull it out. So only 1 dose charted, since I edit the previously refused to given.
  5. Halo , I am a new nurse. I just started 2 weeks ago on my own. I asked the patient if she wants her tramadol but she Said it gives her headache so refused medications (tramadol) at 10 pm, so I put refused on EMAR. After an hour she wants the tra adik again and pulled it out form the pyxes. When I was scanning the meds it shows I'm giving it too early, so I thought I have to edit the previously refused documentation on emar and scan the meds. Someone called me from the nursing office and told me about the missing dose of tramadol. I told them I gave it to the patient, but not sure if I scan the meds. Would I get fired for it? This is my first nursing job and I am sooo scared. Should I lawyer up. They told me they need to have me some papers. Pls help. What is the best route to take.
  6. aloha16

    How to deal with preceptor

    I'm a new nurse. i am currently doing my training and on my week 3 of preceptorship. In 3 weeks I had like 4 preceptor. My preceptor today has been a nurse for almost 30 yrs. she wants me to learn her way and would make me hurry up when I am pulling meds. As a new nurse I want to be careful when pulling meds but her constant nagging to hurry up is making me make a mistakes on pulling meds. If I forgot to get something she will poke my sides. I feel like getting bullied but I felt that if I say something I might get fired before I even started. I know I need to hurrry up and become fast, but as a new nurse I have a lot of things to learn. Is there any way I can do to deal with type of personality. I ma a career changer and it's not like I'm stupid but this nurse just made me feel like it.
  7. I'm doing a research for my RN to BSN paper and would like to asked input of new nurses out there about their socialization experience when they start on the floor by themselves? You can also email me if you don't want to post your answers in here. Thank you 😊
  8. Hello, whats hospital pays the best in south Florida? I just offered a position in HCA hospitals and its $23 😱. I mean I think that's too low. I know an LVN aim California with 5 years experience that makes $30/hr. I think Florida nurses are underpaid.
  9. aloha16

    HCA STARN absence policy

    I would like to apply for the Starn program, but the program end in May. 6 weeks classroom and 7 weeks floor orientation. MY sister will get married in April and I would love to attend her wedding ooverseas. I am afraid to asked the recruiter a questions since she might removed me from the list of potential candidates. I was wondering if anyone have any experience about taking a week or two break while doing the Starn training program. Thanks
  10. aloha16

    ncsbn nclex-rn review can be share by few students?

    thanks. we decided to purchased it individually instead.
  11. Some of my class mates and I wanted to get the 8 weeks ncsbn-rn review and will divide it equally to 4. Can that be possible or the comprehensive exam can only done once or multiple times? thanks
  12. aloha16

    Nursing is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

    I am graduating also in 2 months. I share your anxiety on what the future hold, but I suggest calm down and start reviewing for NCLEX instead. Do your fingerprints and other requirements necessary.Try taking NCLEX as soon as possible within month after graduation, so yo will have enough time to look for a job. Job hunting would be much easier with your nursing license. I wish you all the luck :)
  13. aloha16

    Dosage and calculations help

    Thank you í ½í¸€
  14. aloha16

    Dosage and calculations help

    anyone could pls check if my formula is right for this calculation? if there's an order of 3000 mg of a certain meds in divided in 2 doses. the pharmacy sends 225 mg/2mL. how many dose will you administer. 225mg =3000mg 2 mL x 225mgx=6000mgmL 225mg 225mgx=26.7/2 x=13.4? thank you