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  1. Who here is starting April 1?

    I'm taking the Leadership track as well. So far I'm enrolled for COA, Health Assessment, Community Health and Population, then Biochemistry. I don't know where I'll end up with this degree, but starting out I my try my hand at being a clinical superv...
  2. Who here is starting April 1?

    I feel like I had a slow start, but I'm finally taking my COA OA tomorrow evening. How is everyone else doing 2 weeks in
  3. Who here is starting April 1?

    Just got off the phone with my counselor. I will be starting April 1st! After waiting forever... my original start date was Dec 1 2015, but enrollment was stopped for NC residents, thankfully I just moved just across the state line so now I'm eligibl...
  4. UNCW RN to BSN

    Awesome, glad to hear some good reviews. I didn't realize they didn't audit transcripts until after acceptance. So I am currently waiting to see how many, if any additional classes I will need. I'm a little concerned about my foreign language class, ...
  5. UNCW RN to BSN

    While waiting for WGU to reopen enrollment for NC students, I took a chance and applied to UNC Wilmington on 1/18 on 2/1 I received an acceptance letter! Now I'm a little overwhelmed since the program starts 3/7. Does anyone have any experience with...
  6. WGU-NC Article

    I read this article the other day and wanted to share with any perspective NC students who are waiting to enroll. Out-of-state online college favored by legislature halts NC enrollment - Jefferson Post - jeffersonpost.com
  7. 12/1/2015 Start date Roll call

    This post makes me happy for you, sad for me. I was supposed to start Dec 1st, but enrollment is suspended in my state right now
  8. WGU-NC

    Anyone hear any status updates regarding the WGU-NC enrollment suspension? I'm patiently waiting for the 'green light' email!
  9. Suspended WGU enrollments

    This was written in another link, I think it sums it up perfectly... Sep 21 by elkpark There are existing threads about this, and you can do a general on-line search and find the information from the UNC board and NC BON. A growing number of states ...
  10. Suspended WGU enrollments

    I didn't think it should have anything to do with the NCBON, since we are already licensed nurses. However, the wording of the email I received sure made it sound like it did. Thanks for checking on that. My advisor said it was the NC legislature tha...
  11. Suspended WGU enrollments

    I was affected by the enrollment suspension too. My advisor said it would probably take 6 months, have you heard anything else?
  12. Anyone starting MSN at WGU

    I have a little more information now. You guys are correct it is not the NCBON, per my enrollment counselor it is the state/governor that is trying to bring WGU to NC; just like Indiana, Texas, Washington, Tennessee and Missouri did in previous years...
  13. Anyone starting MSN at WGU

    I guess I may have to change my original post. I just got an email that WGU is suspending NC enrollment for certain programs and mine is included. Hopefully the NCBON and WGU come to some kind of resolution before December, I really just want to get ...
  14. The Controversy: Mandatory Flu Vaccines

    1) Do you take the flu vaccine yearly? If you do not, what is the reason you do not participate (if you don't mind answering this question)? I had my first ever flu vaccine last year (2014) only because it became mandatory at my place of employment. ...
  15. Anyone starting MSN at WGU

    Wonderful, I wish I could start now as well! Are the classes completed in the order they are listed or do you choose the order you take them in?