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  1. Slambe3

    First job where? and Length of orientation?

    1. Medical Oncology 2. 6-8 weeks more can be added if needed. Chemo certifed within a year of employment. 3. 4 pts on days, up to 6 on nights.
  2. Slambe3

    Had a good interview but....

    Just found out this morning that I got the job!!
  3. Slambe3

    Had a good interview but....

    I did send her a thank you card with a nice handwritten message inside.
  4. Slambe3

    Had a good interview but....

    Looking for some insight. I went on an interview this past week and it went really well. It was for a new grad position on a medical oncology unit. I felt like the nursing director of the floor really liked me and she said so. She said I would be an excellent fit and that she would like to hire me, but she said according to hospital policy she has to interview all the other candidates that have been called for an interview for this position. She also informed me that I would not be notified for 1-2 weeks if I got the position. What do you guys think? I really hope I got the position and she did say she would hire me on the spot, but that is not hospital policy and that HR has to make all offers. My worry is that she'll forget about me in 1-2 weeks and hire a different candidate.
  5. Slambe3

    STILL don't have a job?? Vent here!

    Hi everyone, Graduated in May with my RN-BSN and relocated from Chicago to Sioux Falls to be with my fiance. I still don't have a job after applying to so many that I cannot count. The thing that bothers me most (besides not having a job), is going on interviews and then never hearing back from the facility that you interviewed with. I interviewed at 2 LTC facilities and never heard anything back from them. One of them I interviewed with a month ago and the other 2 months ago. And I did follow up with them and the DON from both will not respond to my phone calls or emails. Another thing that errks me is that one of the LTC facilities had to reschedule my interview 3 times because the DON kept double scheduling herself. I understand the economy is bad and all that, but if a place interviews you they should at least have the common courtesy of telling their applicants that they did not get the position, instead of ignoring them and hoping they get the picture. Sorry, I just have vent its so frustrating.
  6. Slambe3


    I have an interview at a hospital to work for their lab doing apheresis as an RN. I had no real idea what it was until I googled it. I was wondering if there are any nurses out that do apheresis and what its like?
  7. Slambe3


    I am a new grad RN, BSN in Sioux Falls, SD. And when I applied at LTC facilities they wanted to pay me anywhere from $17.75-$19. I feel like this pay is low. But the pickings are so slim. I feel like I should just take any offer that comes my way. What do you guys think?
  8. Slambe3

    VENT--no call after my interview.

    I hate when you go on an interview and they don't call back. I went on one about a month ago. Said they would pass my resume and information on to the hiring manager and set up a second interview at the end of week. I did not hear back from them that friday, so monday I called left a message and an email. Still no response, so I called back that Friday and spoke with the nurse manager. She said she was going on vacation, but would review my information the following week and get back to me. It has been three weeks since then, and I just moved on. Had 2 interviews this week, hope one of them works out.
  9. Graduated nursing school in May '09 with my BSN degree relocated to Sioux Falls because my fiance got a job here. I passed NCLEX and have my SD RN license and have not been able to get a job. I have interviewed at a rural hospital and a nursing home, but no luck so far. Anyone have any suggestions?