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    I have an interview at a hospital to work for their lab doing apheresis as an RN. I had no real idea what it was until I googled it. I was wondering if there are any nurses out that do apheresis and what its like?
  2. Slambe3


    I am a new grad RN, BSN in Sioux Falls, SD. And when I applied at LTC facilities they wanted to pay me anywhere from $17.75-$19. I feel like this pay is low. But the pickings are so slim. I feel like I should just take any offer that comes my way. ...
  3. Slambe3

    VENT--no call after my interview.

    I hate when you go on an interview and they don't call back. I went on one about a month ago. Said they would pass my resume and information on to the hiring manager and set up a second interview at the end of week. I did not hear back from them that...
  4. Graduated nursing school in May '09 with my BSN degree relocated to Sioux Falls because my fiance got a job here. I passed NCLEX and have my SD RN license and have not been able to get a job. I have interviewed at a rural hospital and a nursing ho...