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  1. You're welcome! Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX RN. I read the 4th edition. I'm not sure if there's much difference from the 3rd ed (this may be a cheaper one) or the 5th ed (more expensive?) . Yeah, nurses here are just awesome!
  2. two most important books: saunders and delegation by la charity. invest in those two books. start with saunders and give it plenty of time. also, have a source of practice questions. daily prayer will also help! also, here are some threads, among many others, that you can read hoping to inspire/motivate you. emerlindo https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/omg-i-passed-528887.html bryan_rn2911 https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/its-official-im-542909.html senseirn https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/how-i-passed-588963.html mine https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/passing-nclex-one-596537.html
  3. Love_RN

    Graduate Nurse, NCLEX-RN in 28 hours! :/

    Go through the Infection Control Mnemonics https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/nclex-rn-june-544485-page23.html (scroll down this thread) and don't forget to pray. :) All the best!
  4. Love_RN

    Passing the nclex with one take.

    thank you liyah24 , india37 , ekuyk , [color=#1750ff]caliotter3 !!! :) linsmirn congratulations! pvt works so i am sooo thrilled for you! :)
  5. Love_RN

    Passing the nclex with one take.

    well, i went to take the nclex with a bit more confidence thinking that the core content i got from kaplan was good enough. let's say kaplan qbank prepared me for an "apples" exam and the actual nclex was "partly apples, mostly oranges" kind of exam. thank you, linsmirn, iammaj28, oztizz184, mba2bsn, pitxurri19 !!!
  6. Love_RN

    Passing the nclex with one take.

    aww...thank you I completely agree. I know people who got it after two or more tries and I guess that thought sort of calmed my nerves before I took it. They're awesome RNs now! BTW It took me more than 150Qs to pass (stopped counting). Yeah, don't give up, God and allnurses :[anb]: will be your resource to help you do it.
  7. Love_RN

    Passing the nclex with one take.

    to god be the glory that i passed with one take! graduated 4 1/2 years ago. no solid nursing experience. crammer. if i passed it, you can, too! most important: prayer dear god, thank you for this opportunity. i know you put me here for a reason. if this is truly for me, i ask for your guidance as i study for/take the nclex. help me to concentrate and to remember everything that i study today. i ask for your blessing as i take the exam. be with me in every question, that i may choose the best answer. i pray that i pass the exam. there is nothing that i can do now, you are in control. i lift it all up to you. and i claim it! i will pass the nclex on (exact date). thank you, lord god! believe in your prayer. if it is for you and you ask for it, he will give it. if not, it's not yet the time. 1. saunder's 4th ed - big piece of meat to chew, i know, but it's really the best source of info. tried my best to read a chapter a day. 2. prioritization by la charity - the bulk of my test was "who to see first?" go through it starting at least two weeks before your exam, two chapters a day (only 25qs per chapter so it's doable). very helpful for me to be familiar with prio/delegation. 3. exam cram -it was handy to bring this along as i travel as this book's way lighter than saunder's. the info here is a less than what's in saunders but i'd rather be reading something than nothing! i also got this to practice questions (came with cd).it's not a must though. 4. kaplan qbank - i was hesitant to shell out $300 for qbank but now i'm glad i did. although the content was no way near what i had in the exam, the format was almost the same (does that make sense?). the rationales were good. i registered 1 month before my exam and answered 50, then 100, then 150 questions per day. i started with 48% and i just kept going. i think 1 to 1 ½ months before your exam would be good so that way you can still use it in case you don't get it the first time. other sources/materials: ---flash cards for important lab values - i would do this while in transit and it helped me. ----- emerlindo, bryan_rn2911, senseirn, - reading their nclex journeys, among others, inspired me! ------- https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/how-i-passed-588963.html - sensei's #2 tip had a link. print it and please memorize infection control 3 mos before exam - once i got my att i knew the clock was ticking. i scheduled my exam for the last week of validity. so i knew i had three mos to prepare. hello, saunders! i was still working full time then so my study was sporadic (not advisable)! i started reading on my lunch break . started making flash cards. one month before exam - i filed for a leave. this was a huge factor to motivate me to do well. i knew i had to ace this. got qbank and slowly started practice qs. 2 wks/ a week before exam - getting serious now. la charity and qbank. day before exam - i answered 200 qbank questions and about 5 chapters from la charity. morning of exam - woke up and answered about 10 questions just to get my brain started. during exam - i paused and prayed right before exam. for every question that i encounter that i have so much confusion/difficulty answering, i prayed. after exam - ate a donut. 24 h after - tried pvt. prayed. clicked "next" and got this "pop-up." could this be it??! is this what the pvt "good pop-up be??" i am so sure only the lord god made me pass! other tips: **as i'm easily bored aka attn deficit, i read a chapter of saunders, 50 qs then rationale, then watch a funny youtube video or something. then i go back to studying (like, pick up la charity), then answer another 50 qs in the afternoon. i rotate my resources so i don't fall asleep. ** i reward myself with medium iced coffee everyday. j ** get out of the house! for a month i would walk to and from the library (yes, i carried my saunders or my laptop). good exercise. and staying in the library kept me focused. bring earplugs! **whenever i find myself out of focus studying, i go to the nclex discussion forum here and read on threads to be motivated. i told myself that i would like to be the person who shares these triumphant moments, too! i will always pray for future test takers like you. j
  8. Love_RN


    La Charity and QBank for my last week. MOST IMPORTANT: Prayer! "Dear God, thank you for this opportunity. I know you put me here for a reason. If this is truly for me, I ask for your guidance as I study for/take the NCLEX. Help me to CONCENTRATE and to REMEMBER everything that I study today. I ask for your blessing as I take the exam. Be with me in every question, that I may choose the best answer. I pray that I pass the EXAM. There is nothing that I can do now, You are in CONTROL. I LIFT IT ALL up to You. And I CLAIM IT! I will PASS the NCLEX on (exact date). Thank You, Lord God!" Believe in it.
  9. Love_RN

    LaCharity Book

    I wasn't getting good scores either that I put it down and went back to Saunders. Two weeks before my exam I picked it up again. What I did was read the Q, answer, and look at the rationale right away. :)
  10. Love_RN

    Nclex next friday

    P R A Y. It's the most important preparation. You've done your part. Now pray to God and truly believe in what He can do. Lift it up to Him and acknowledge that He knows what is best. Ask for it with all your heart and believe that He is in control of everything. God bless!
  11. Love_RN

    Kaplan On Demand Help

    HELP HELP HELP RNs! I'm already studying Saunders (about halfway through) and I need to practice with questions..be familiar with NCLEX. I'm thinking of KAPLAN. What's the difference between the ON Demand and Classroom Anywhere? If I get just the QBank ($299) am I going to miss out on a lot of stuff? thank you!!!
  12. what is the exact title of the exam cram that you reviewed? i checked amazon and there's the EC Practice Questions 3rd ed, EC 3rd ed, EC revised ed... tHanks!
  13. Love_RN

    OMG I PASSED 2nd time - I hope this will help others

    question: did you use NCLEX RN Exam Cram 3rd ed or NCLEX RN PRACTICE QUESTIONS Exam Cram 3rd ed ? Thanks
  14. Love_RN

    is it worth it to take a CNA/PCT course?

    i'm also interested. apart from manhattan inst and nytech, any other schools that you can recommend based on your experience? how much did you spend? worth it? thanks!
  15. Love_RN

    The closer I get to NCLEX, the worse Im doing on review

    MEkblizz: POSITIVE THINKING! "I can do this! I'll pass the NCLEX!"..I mean, seriously, you gave it your all, right? what have you not done? :) give yourself a beak the day before. That sickening feeling can sometimes be a good sign. Best of all, just pray and lift it up to God. :) it works
  16. Love_RN

    NC-CLEX an International Training Center?

    i don't think the nc-clex training is honored in US other than CA (not sure) but I took it anyway. WHY? well apart from good looking certificates and a plus in the resume, the confidence that the training gives is awesome. I just took one class though (ACLS) coz I had to had to go soon.