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  1. Has anyone else noticed a lack of RNs working at urgent cares in your area? I would love to work at an urgent care, but every clinic I've looked into is only using MAs or paramedics. Maybe it's not a new phenomenon, but I think it's kind of sad and ...
  2. Concierge nursing?

    Is anyone out there a "concierge nurse" for a private practice? Forgive my ignorance, but can you tell me what it is you do? There is an opening through a hospital near me for a concierge nurse and, when I talked to the HR recruiter, she said they ...
  3. CMC NorthEast in Concord

    I'm considering a travel nurse position in the emergency room at CMC NorthEast in Concord. Does anyone have any information/experience/feedback on this hospital? Also, some information about Concord would be helpful. 😁 Thanks.
  4. Some travel nursing questions

    Oh, I can see how this was confusing. I found the job posting on the hospital's website, not a travel company website. Thanks for your reply!
  5. Some travel nursing questions

    Hi everyone. I am an ER nurse in Michigan and I have been thinking more and more about trying travel nursing. I would like to go to Nashville, and I have found a specific job posting at a hospital in Nashville that interests me. Can you experienc...
  6. MSU or LCC?

    Thanks for your comments. I have really good grades (4.0 in my prereqs so far, 3.8 GPA from by bachelor's) and I also volunteer, so I'm hoping I will have enough points to get into LCC's program (fingers crossed!). I've spoken to some nurses in the p...
  7. MSU or LCC?

    Can anyone comment on either of the following programs: the Accelerated Second Degree BSN program at MSU or the Accelerated ADN program at LCC? I already have a Bachelor's, and I'm trying to decide which program to pursue (they are both 14 months, bo...
  8. Lansing CC - Health Biology Proficiency Exam

    hi, i know you posted awhile ago, but i thought i would respond in case you were still wondering about the test. i had to take it a couple of months ago in order to register for anatomy at lcc (i didn't have the necessary pre-req). let me warn you, i...