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RNStephNicole specializes in Pediatrics, NICU, Telemetry.

Recent RN grad working in a pediatric clinic. I have a love and passion for neonates and would love to end up in the NICU one day (when they start hiring again)!

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  1. hey all. just recently graduated in may. i have worked at a pediatric clinic for 4 1/2 yrs (just transitioned to the rn role in july). i also recently had an internship in a level iii nicu end of spring during my senior internship rotation. i am so p...
  2. To aspirate or not to aspirate?!

    Thanks so much everyone. I will continue to aspirate! I didn't clarify before that I was specifically talking about IM immunizations, not IM injections in general. I have also heard that the CDC says it's not necessary to aspirate for immunizations, ...
  3. To aspirate or not to aspirate?!

    I work at a Peds office and I am constantly administering immunizations (lucky me)! I am a recent new grad, and remember being taught to aspirate, however I have noticed very few nurses who actually do this. I am continuing to aspirate because I figu...
  4. Anyone starting non-hospital jobs in this bad job enviroment?

    i too am in the same boat as many of you. just graduated in may, passed the boards in june. i was offered a rn position at a pediatric clinic i have been working at as an ma for almost 5 years. the job was part time with no benefits. thinking that i ...