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  1. Z0LIN

    Please help a Nursing student...

    Thank you so much! You are a great help! God Bless
  2. Z0LIN

    Please help a Nursing student...

    Hey all, I am in need of a little help. I need to do an interview with a nurse for my nutrtion class and if anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. All I need is a brief answer to the following questions: Name: Education: Position: How long in position? Previous background: What would I expect to start out making as a nurse in your position? Who do you report to? Who reports to you? Job responsibilities? What type of patients do you see? How far can you go in your field? What do you like best about your job? What do you like least? How difficult was it to find a job? Would you recommend your job to others? *The important questions* Please list any professional organizations you belong to if any Are you required to take any additional nutrition education? Do you read any professional journals? Any nutrition related? In what ways does nutrition education counseling interact in your job? Any replies would be very helpful! Thank you to anyone willing to help