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  1. swtpea48

    New and not so new nurses..

    I work on the floor and had something similar happen to me a few days ago.
  2. swtpea48

    May Graduate--Applying for jobs

    It never hurts to be ahead of the game in the job hunt keeping in mind that the majority of hospitals will not consider you for a position until you have graduated and some not even until you pass NCLEX. I graduated in May 2011, I started applying for jobs in Feb and was not called back for a single interview until the first week of June. I took NCLEX the second week of June and was finally called back from that first interview and offered a job in the middle of July. Try to keep a positive outlook and good luck in your last semester and in finding a job.
  3. swtpea48

    Applying for Nursing School-Points System

    I think they all take the percentage that you make on the TEAS test and add it to your points. Also, I would highly suggest that you finish all of your prereq classes BEFORE you start nursing school. Nursing classes can be extremely difficult and require a lot of study time.
  4. No one will do your homework for you. Post a few nursing diagnoses on here to get feedback. You're more likely to get help that way.
  5. swtpea48

    USA vs Faulkner State/BSN vs ADN?????

    Has a new nursing graduate (I got my ADN) I would strongly suggest you just go to USA and get your BSN. Most hospitals that I know of would prefer to hire someone with a BSN over an ADN. Good luck!!
  6. swtpea48

    Clinicals for the LPN program at Wallace

    If you are a first semester nursing student your first round of clinicals will be in the nursing home. You won't start until sometime in October.
  7. swtpea48

    Those that attended Wallace State orientation...

    Any apple product will work with tegrity. Most of the current WSCC student their ipods to download lectures.
  8. swtpea48

    Clinicals for LPN program at Wallace

    Are you a first semester student?
  9. swtpea48

    Information on Lawson wallace and jeff state nursing programs

    It should be on your application info. If not I think that an A = 4pts, B = 3pts, and C=2pts. Good luck and hope you get accepted! With your grades and GPA I don't see much of a problem with that happening though. :)
  10. swtpea48

    Information on Lawson wallace and jeff state nursing programs

    Wallace does not accept a nursing class during the summer, only spring and fall. I would check out the Alabama Board of Nursing website and look at NCLEX pass rates for the schools you are considering attending. That will tell you alot about the caliber of nurses graduating from the program. Good luck on getting into the program you choose!
  11. swtpea48

    Textbook rental website

    You may want to hold off on renting text books if your just starting a nursing program. Many of the books I had to buy last semester we will be using again in the upcoming semesters.
  12. swtpea48

    Calculations/Pharm study aid books?

    Wallace students dohave to have calculate with confidence. It is the main book you will be using in pharmacology for your first semester.
  13. I found some white slip on merrells that are awesome. Good arch support and they clean up easy. I found them on zappos.com.
  14. swtpea48

    Calculations/Pharm study aid books?

    calculate with confidence is an excellent book. you may want to check out the nursing made easy books. they have one for dosage calculations and pharm.
  15. swtpea48

    Letters go out next week...good luck!

    They set you up in blocks to make scheduling easier for your first semester. Don't worry about it. They will cover everything at orientation. I strongly suggest to everyone who gets in to go get a regular flu shot and an H1N1 vaccine. Clinical sites are not allowing students in their building next semester if you don't have them in addition to all your other vaccines. Congrats to everyone who got in. It's a wild ride!!
  16. administrative MA works the front desk, clinical MA works with patients doing vitals, blood draws, etc.