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  1. New and not so new nurses..

    I work on the floor and had something similar happen to me a few days ago.
  2. May Graduate--Applying for jobs

    It never hurts to be ahead of the game in the job hunt keeping in mind that the majority of hospitals will not consider you for a position until you have graduated and some not even until you pass NCLEX. I graduated in May 2011, I started applying f...
  3. Applying for Nursing School-Points System

    I think they all take the percentage that you make on the TEAS test and add it to your points. Also, I would highly suggest that you finish all of your prereq classes BEFORE you start nursing school. Nursing classes can be extremely difficult and r...
  4. No one will do your homework for you. Post a few nursing diagnoses on here to get feedback. You're more likely to get help that way.
  5. How Long?

    I lucked out in the current market too. Graduated in May 2011, passed NCLEX in June, and had a job in July.
  6. how much orientation did you receive as a new grad?

    9 weeks
  7. Program Entrance Question

    Usually they only test for illegal drugs. If you are still concerned about it call the school you are applying to and ask them if they test for nicotine.
  8. Calhoun RN Grads: Have you found jobs?

    I didn't graduate from Calhoun but from Wallace in May. I was able to find a job pretty quickly. Since you are just starting school my number one piece of advice would be to make a really good impression with all of your clinical instructors and th...
  9. Need help for nursing school

    If you are trying to get into super competitive program you may need to consider retaking anatomy again so you can get your grades up.
  10. I would gladly give any vet extra points for a nursing school admit, job, etc for fighting for and preserving my freedom.
  11. New Grad... Job hunting advice anyone?

    First thing you should worry about is passing boards. No one will consider you for a position until you are done with NCLEX. Once that is taken care of apply for everything you possibly can (full time, part time, PRN, per diem, etc). No matter what ...
  12. Need study help for repeat nclex-rn taker

    I would recommend hurst review. The instructors make the content fun and easy to understand. You'll also get some good study tips. Good luck.
  13. New grad nurses- what did you do to get hired?

    I had to use a contact I made during my second semester in clinical. My instructor told me to call her as soon as I graduated and she would help me get an interview. She did and I start my new job in a week and a half.
  14. Does bullying really go on in Nursing?

    Absolutely bullying occurs in nursing and unfortunately some of it begins in nursing school among students, clinical instructors, faculty members, and nurses at the clinical facility. The best way to avoid it? Try to stay away from the cliques and d...
  15. Hybrid/Online RN Programs..

    I did! I passed with 75 questions and will be starting my job on 8/1. Have you taken boards yet?