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  1. 2Bornot2bB

    New grad night shift

    I have always worked day shift but transition to night shift a few months ago . Maybe because I am a morning person and I normally don't sleep much thanks to pre menopause but I don't see myself doing nights for too long because I can't sleep more than three hours once I get home . I don't have problems staying awake during shifts , as I am too busy to even think about feeling tired and once I get home my adrenaline is still running high . I tried OTC sleeping aid and prescription and still can only sleep 3 hours the days I work nights. I agree with previous post once I am done with the three days I come home and wake up in 3 hours I revert to day life because I am in grad school .But I hear from other people that are young they don't have problems to sleep so I hope that is your case ! Best of luck !
  2. 2Bornot2bB

    Is there a need for this?

    Hi guys, Please start a group ! Im in . Thanks, Trish
  3. 2Bornot2bB

    Primary Care/IM: Ask me anything.

    Dear Boston FNP, Thank you for taking the time to reply all our questions ! I have been an RN for 6 years, I just turned 54 yesterday and I am in the AGNP program in California. I am a bit anxious about the choice I made and the job market. People say FNP is much more marketable , but although I love kids I don't see myself doing that everyday , at this point of my life I am more into spending time with the geri population as I think they are the ones that need more help. My concern is that being an AGNP might limit the amount of jobs I can get , and plus when I look at the job market most of the offers and residencies are for FNP . The job market here in CA shows that Hospitals require a year or more of experience so this is like deja vu from when I graduated as an RN , nobody wants the rookies and the jobs you might get, pay you sub standard . I don't really see a big difference salary wise from RN ( and I don't get pay differential or anything like that as I work for a private venture )to NP , so I am worried that I won't get a job that will help save money for my retirement . Thanks in advance for your input .
  4. 2Bornot2bB

    Took test in CA last week, no results, PVT?

    I haven't seen that at all ... I don't think is like that....people have sometimes the best intentions but opposite effect hahahah I just checked on the BON but nothing so maybe Wednesday ? I just saw someone that took the test on a Friday and today results where up...THAT freaked me out because my name is not there ....ugh why can't California have the quick results ? OK, lets keep hoping !
  5. 2Bornot2bB

    Took test in CA last week, no results, PVT?

    Hi, I'm in Ca too, so unfortunately we can't get any info except for the PVT. I took mine this past Friday and did the PVT but won't celebrate until I see my name on the BON ! Apparently it should take 2 working days , we will see ... Good luck to you and keep your hopes high !
  6. 2Bornot2bB

    Help!Desperate in finding college with no waiting list

    Hi, I was on a waiting list for 2 years in Colorado and California, while I was living in Nevada.Finally I decided to apply at Mount St Mary's College in LA. It is a private school, and you can take the pre requisites there or somewhere else, then you have to go for an interview but it is much easier to get in because you pay. Check their site , they have admissions twice a year , if you want to get started this is the way to go, if you have time do your pre reqs at a community college and get on their waist list.I you decide to do the latest, I would highly suggest you take only a few credits and get all A's otherwise you will be on the wait list for a long long time since the competition is fierce. Best wishes !
  7. 2Bornot2bB

    Financial aid to continue school

    Hi guys, thank you all for the responses. The financial aid office is useless, they just tell you is your problem.I waited for two years to get into nursing school until I got tired and went for a private one.All the financial aid given goes to pay for tuition so I need to find a loan to help with living expenses . I was lay off so no job yet, besides with the amount of hours you have to spend studying I don't know how to juggle both and still get good grades , but I do have 2 part times I am looking into .Problem is I am running out of time , semester starts August 24.
  8. Hello all, I am a ADN program student looking for some ideas from all of you.I need supplemental help to continue with the program.I already have subsidized and unsubsidized loans , but it's not enough. I try private loans only to find out that Wellsfargo only loans to american citizens ( I am a green card holder and could apply next year for citizenship) or Citibank if you have a job which I was lay off and can't find one now. I don't have a cosigner either , that is why I need your input guys .I appreciate your help and good luck to all of you.