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CNM 26.2 has 12 years experience and specializes in L&D/Postpartum/Newborn, Home Health.

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  1. CNM 26.2

    Should I keep my LPN license active?

    I agree, I really see now point in having both an LPN and an RN license-you are held to the standard of the highest license you have anyway-which would be the RN.
  2. CNM 26.2

    Think I have to resign...

    You also have to remember that sometimes PTO is a benefit for full and/or part time employees so if you are PRN you do not qualify for that benefit-in which case they really are under no obligation to make this up to you. I don't know if that's the case or not, but that may be where they are coming from. Sorry to hear about your situation though-I hope it all works out for you.
  3. CNM 26.2

    Working while pregnant

    Talk to your doctor or midwife, but, if you don't have any complications there should be no reason you can't work till the end.
  4. CNM 26.2

    non-inpatient OB related jobs

    Right off the top of my head, either an office, birth center or maybe go the childbirth education or lactation consultant route. You could also consider being a doula-not nursing but OB related.
  5. CNM 26.2

    When nursing staff ask for medications

    I work in a hosptial so it's a little different situation but our pharmacy created a whole "employee med" section that is accessible pretty much to everyone-it has OTC meds for just about anything. They just ask that the employee sign out the meds so they can keep track of what gets used. It has been a lifesaver. Prior to that, however, one of our nurses brought in a HUGE bottle of motrin and tylenol(she got a buy one get one free package at a wholesale store and knew she'd never use it all before it expired) and she wrote "employees motrin/tylenol" on the bottle in sharpie and kept it in the breakroom.
  6. CNM 26.2

    New to nursing but arleady tired of freaking politics.

    Because, unfortunately, we live in a litigious society and a law suit is always ALL about the paperwork. The more complex the case, the more imporant the paperwork. It's sad but true.
  7. CNM 26.2

    HTC Incredible

    Does anyone have problems with calls not being rec'd or the phone turning itself off with HTC? I got an HTC Touch Diamond about a year go-I have a friend that has anothe model of HTC and both of us have problems getting calls. Several times a week someone will call me and the phone won't ring-then I will get the voicemail from 1-12 hours later. The phone also turns itself off frequently. I am looking for a new phone to replace it but just wondered if it's the HTC brand or just this phone.
  8. CNM 26.2

    Has The Nursing Shortage Vanished?

    What I have seen is that there are more nurses working longer-retiring later and a lot of nurses that worked prn or part time have increased to full time and some nurses that had left the profession to stay home with children have come back. I think it's like someone else said-there is no shortage of nurses-and never really had been, it's just that nurses are working more now, probably due to the current economic status of the nation. It may be different in other areas of the country but that's what I see here!
  9. If a patient is on the phone when I walk in the room-I am very understanding-they didn't know I was about to walk in. I will stand at the bedside for a few seconds and if it doesn't seem like they are ending the conversation, I politely whisper "I'll come back." I then go do something else that I need to do and come back in and repeat as necessary. Most people are very reasonable and I want to give them the respect and privacy of allowing them to have conversations and not have me standing there listening-yet they also know that I'll be back shortly. Very seldom have I ever had to return to the room more than once.
  10. CNM 26.2

    "It's a Family Affair....."

    My general rule of thumb is if the family is there for support for the patient and they are not causing problems they are welcome. I do have a problem with people that think they are "entitled" to view the birth just because they are related or friends with the patient. I usually talk with the patient well ahead of time and find out who she wants in the room-and I tell her that they must be supportive and I WILL put them to work doing counter pressures, getting her water, ice, juice, etc...it's not a spectator sport! ; ) I am more than willing to be the bad guy and kick out those people that the mom doesn't want in the room. I must admit, however, that I am surprised sometimes at how many people women actually want in the room during their birth.
  11. CNM 26.2

    Excessive write-ups at work

    What do you mean by "write up" are you referring to a disciplinary process or are you referring to something like an incident report? A lot of times incident reports get a bad rap but really they serve a good purpose. An incident report can instigate an investigation into a process that may be in need of changes. For example, you mentioned "ANY med errors." ANY med error SHOULD be brought to someone's attention-there is no med error that should go unreported. Sometimes med errors are the result of a poor process and not because the nurse that committed the error is incompetent. For example, I have seen situations where meds that look alike are stored next to each other in the med room and the wrong med was given when the nurse was in a hurry-in fact, it happened a few times-an incident report resulted in the simple fix of moving one of the meds to another area and the med errors stopped. Now, if the "write ups" are petty and obviously one nurse trying to sabatoge another nurse that's another story. I was at work one day and got a call that my pregnant sister was in the ICU at another hospital in the same city in CHF and renal failure, unresponsive and one of her twins had died and they were inducing her for the second twin at 23 1/2 weeks. Luckily, we were a little overstaffed-I was the charge nurse but the manager was available so she acted as charge nurse, I told her that I had a little charting that I needed to finish but I would come back after I knew more about my sister and finish it. I KNOW this was not the best practice but at the moment I was very worried about my sister. I came back three hours later after things were stable and the nurse that took over had already written me up for not completeting my charting-she did it the second I left. Luckily my manager was understanding and disregarded the "write up." If these types of things are happening then it needs to be addressed, otherwise, learn from the observations of others-everything you mentioned is something that needs to be addressed-all charting DOES need to be signed, all med errors DO need to be reported.
  12. CNM 26.2

    Best RN jobs to have more time for children/family

    I second the home health suggestion. I did it for awhile and the scheduling was a definate plus!!! I would do the same~start at 8 am (occasionally I'd even have a patient that would request 7 am!) and be done by anywhere from noon-2 I'd do as much charting as possible in the home but if I did have some paperwork to do I'd do it while the kids did their homework or after they went to bed.
  13. CNM 26.2

    Improvement Ideas

    A baby is not a gift from the hospital-it's the couple's child-they made it, the mother grew it and then gave birth to the baby. We should be honored that they allow us to take part in this wonderful experience. Birth is not an illness-it's more of a celebration so I think it is very much in order to treat it as such. From my experience, the dinner is a nice idea on paper but the logistics of it don't always work out-the dad is not there (for various reasons) when the dinner is delivered. Almost on a daily basis we had patients requesting "extra" dinners be brought in for family/friends and then would often complain when we couldn't accomodate them. It has also been my experience that hospital nutrition services usually don't have the facility or ability to cook a really nice steak dinner so the food is often not that great. You can order from a restaurant but that gets pricey and someone has to go pick it up...etc. We gave "snack packs" to the dads for awhile-a bag of all kinds of goodies that we didn't already have in the nutrition area on the floor, ie. candy, crackers, soda, etc. They usually loved it but again there were downsides. The staff was always really excited to give the daddy his gift and we went through about 30-40% more gift packs than we had births because the dads were given their goodie bags before it was determined that mom was in labor and then she'd go home...it doesn't sound like it would be a huge deal but the cost adds up fast. For awhile we offered one "guest meal" during the stay-similar concept to the dinner but it was a bit more flexible in that they just needed to let us know a few hours before the meal they wanted a tray for-breakfast after a long night of labor was very popular. From what I saw, this was the most successful but because I work in a small hospital it became too much for the kitchen staff to add that many extra trays every day. The parents are now given two cupcakes from a fancy-smancy bakery in town, they are really, yummy and the parents seem to like it-it comes in a gift wrapped box with a nice note on the outside congratulating them on their new addition. Given all of that-the best thing that we do is give good patient care-the other stuff doesn't matter. In fact, I found that patients that got poor care often complained about the extra things we did too!! There is no substitute but parents feel special when there are also little perks!
  14. CNM 26.2

    What do some L&D nurses have against doulas?

    I agree with klone. Most of the time I love when patient's have doulas but there are those times when the doula can be very overbearing and even to the point of being rude. For the most part, nurses do a good job but no one takes kindly to someone questioning their every move or telling them they are doing things wrong. I have seen some doulas that also have an attitude that they know more than the nurses and they will even tell the patient's this. That is very frustrating. Those are, of course, the minority but sometimes it only takes a few to give the majority a bad name.
  15. CNM 26.2

    10 Things to NEVER Say to a Nurse

    Some of those are pretty funny but I'm not a fan of "doctor bashing" to make nurses look better. Doctors have their own set of problems to deal with and just because we do different jobs does not mean one is better than the other. I also found it interesting how they comment that nursing on TV is not like in the real world and they have a problem with shows like Nurse Jackie and HawthoRNe (which I agree, far to dramatized!) yet later on quote Nurse Jackie to make a point.
  16. CNM 26.2

    Nurse shot and killed on the job in Detroit.

    How sad! I live in a rural area and used to do home health. One day I happened to notice a car following me so I made random lane changes, drove into neighborhoods and around blocks just to see if they were actually following me and sure enough, they were. At one point, I thought I lost them so turned to go to the patient's house, luckily just as I was about to pull in the driveway I saw the car again so I just passed the house. I called the patient and told her I'd be late then I called the police and lead the car to them. There was a bit of satisfaction in watching the car get pulled over. It's a scary job!!

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