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    Started 1/09...2 medical leaves of absence...will I still have a job?

    Thank you both for your opinions. ghillbert: I talked to my manager again this afternoon...she again stated: "Please stop worrying about this job being here...it will be here..you need to take care of yourself, rest up and get well". Guess you are right I got one of the good ones! NewLynney: I'm going over and over my orientation materials, nursing school notes etc that pertain to the specialty I'm on. Your advice is good...thank you!
  2. Hello to allnurses.com! A fellow RN thought I should seek advice here....I graduated in December '08 with an associate degree RN and had a grad nurse position lined up at a local hospital. I love the floor and specialty I work on! The staff has been great and I seem to have a wonderful manager. On my second day with my preceptor, I went home that evening, fell and broke several bones. I couldnt(by MD opinion)work for the next 6 weeks. "That's okay, take care of yourself and come back healthy" said my manager. I passed boards, then 6 weeks later I returned, worked 3 weeks and got very ill...requiring hospitalization, major surgery and a recuperation time of several months. Again, I have been told by my manager "don't worry...just get healthy and come back to work when ready". I have supplied notes/forms from my physicians and surgeon. I have since heard that the floor is currently overstaffed with new grad RN's ...I won't be able to go back to work for at least one more month, I worry that due to the overstaffing they may decide to eliminate me. I have never completly finished my orientation, as it would get 1 week, then 3 weeks into it, and then due to illness never get finished. Should I take it for granted, that "Yes, there is a position here for you", or should I prepare to be looking for a job in a month? Would it be better to voluntarily quit, in hopes of reapplying to this facility when I am healthy and can work? Am I worrying about nothing...because the nurse manager keeps reassuring me that there will be a job for me. What would you all do or what do you think? (sorry for the rambling and overthinking!)