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Started 1/09...2 medical leaves of absence...will I still have a job?


Hello to allnurses.com!

A fellow RN thought I should seek advice here....I graduated in December '08 with an associate degree RN and had a grad nurse position lined up at a local hospital. I love the floor and specialty I work on! The staff has been great and I seem to have a wonderful manager. On my second day with my preceptor, I went home that evening, fell and broke several bones. I couldnt(by MD opinion)work for the next 6 weeks. "That's okay, take care of yourself and come back healthy" said my manager. I passed boards, then 6 weeks later I returned, worked 3 weeks and got very ill...requiring hospitalization, major surgery and a recuperation time of several months. Again, I have been told by my manager "don't worry...just get healthy and come back to work when ready". I have supplied notes/forms from my physicians and surgeon. I have since heard that the floor is currently overstaffed with new grad RN's ...I won't be able to go back to work for at least one more month, I worry that due to the overstaffing they may decide to eliminate me. I have never completly finished my orientation, as it would get 1 week, then 3 weeks into it, and then due to illness never get finished. Should I take it for granted, that "Yes, there is a position here for you", or should I prepare to be looking for a job in a month? Would it be better to voluntarily quit, in hopes of reapplying to this facility when I am healthy and can work? Am I worrying about nothing...because the nurse manager keeps reassuring me that there will be a job for me. What would you all do or what do you think? (sorry for the rambling and overthinking!)

I feel for what you're going through and please know in the end it will make you stronger.

For now, resist the worry, beat back those negative thoughts, it will only slow your healing.

To help ease your mind, look at it this way:

1-all those new nurses probably wont succeed and of those that do, they won't all stay (they never do - just law of averages/hiring bonuses/found another job/wanna be a professional student,etc)

2-If the manager wanted to release you she would have. Failure to complete orientation is an easy termination, and you hadn't worked long enough for FMLA or any other protected medical leave. Yet the manager is encouraging to take care of yourself, get better and come back. Perhaps there is something special the manager saw in you, or perhaps she has received a similar break in the past and wants to pay it forward? Just take her at her word.

So, for now: Ask if any forms or documents are needed by HR. Ask for names of equipment you may work with often (pumps/vents/feeding tubes) and look at their images/specs/cautions online. Study when you can - seems a new medication, procedure or supply is released every week - subscribe to a nursing magazine or join a nursing organization, excellent sources of snippets of present day information. KEEP in touch with your nurse manager, keep her apprised of your status, briefly share with her what you've learned, and let her know you are looking forward to returning. This will probably build your loyalty value to her.

Truthfully, it is always a good idea to be mentally prepared to look for work insofar as being realistic about resume weaknesses, making a plan to strengthen it by updating skills, gaining certifications, being aware of market/comparable wages/benefits,etc. So whenever its needed, whether in a month or three years, you can use it confidently.

However, right now, you simply do not need the stress of a job search or fretting over a job you already have. Or the embarrassment of having her find out you're looking! :imbar Trust the position will be there for you :yeah:or else the Lord moved that mistake out of your way.

Nurse yourself, eat well, sleep well, get well.

Take care...

My two cents, anybody else thinking differently?

ghillbert, MSN, NP

Specializes in CTICU. Has 20 years experience.

Easy - ask your manager and explain your concerns. Sounds like you got lucky with a good one.

Thank you both for your opinions. ghillbert: I talked to my manager again this afternoon...she again stated: "Please stop worrying about this job being here...it will be here..you need to take care of yourself, rest up and get well". Guess you are right I got one of the good ones! NewLynney: I'm going over and over my orientation materials, nursing school notes etc that pertain to the specialty I'm on. Your advice is good...thank you!

I am sooo glad you are feeling less anxious about this!! You sound like a go getter, so those thoughts may return, but just beat 'em back. ghillbert is right, you did get a good one, thank goodness!

Let me retract "study" and replace with "brush up, scan" or another like word. You need to rest! Don't overdo it, not for long periods and not even everyday:nono:! Relax (bet you haven't done that in a couple years) Pamper yourself. Laugh. Nap (yes, I said nap) Reconnect with friends or family. What would you tell a patient in your shoes? Recuperate fully or risk a relapse, right?

Have fun, take it easy - your mind and body will be better prepared when you return to work.....hope to see you around the boards!

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