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  1. How do I create my own blog and/or post to it?

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    2. sirI

      sirI, MSN, APRN, NP

      Hello MotherBabyPoet, RN,

      To find Articles that you have in your Blog, click your name. That takes you to your Activity Wall. Find BLOG and click that.

      Currently, you have only 1 post on allnurses using the name MotherBabyPoet, RN, and it is an Article submitted approximately 8 years ago entitled:  Nursing There to Here...

      As for "lots pf pieces here in the past" and the "third place article win for 'She'", could you have submitted those under a different user name?

    3. MotherBabyPoet

      MotherBabyPoet, RN

      Perhaps Mermaidpoet. All of them are signed at the end with my full name...

      ”George and Martha”

      ”Mr. Albacoss”


      ”I Hate you Heart Attack”

      ”The Ballard of Knight and “Lady Gaye”

      ”Goodbye, My Friend”

      ”Pinky Swear”

      several others. My initial time was under Mother/BabyRN

      and then came back and Brian allowed me to change my username. I was also cleared to copyright my own work because I gave AllNurses permission to do so. I am attempting to compile work for a book so thank you for trying to help..

      Some other works:

      Tips on Transition from StudentNurseWorld to RealNurseWorld

      ”Some Kind of Friendship”

      ”One Good Night”

      ”Just Call Me Charlie”

      ”Ode to Labor and Delivery Nurse”

      ”It Tickles”

      Thank you

      Martha Crowninshield O’Brien





    4. sirI

      sirI, MSN, APRN, NP

      You will need to sign in with the other account and check the BLOG on that Activity Wall. If you submitted Articles under another name, they will all be listed in the BLOG under the other name.


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