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  1. Different states have different laws on working hours. My home state does not have limits on forced overtime for RNs; however, states we contract with that I am licensed in and I call do have these limits. When working in my home state (no overtime max) and calling another state and triaging a person in a state with an overtime max, am I required to follow only my state law or both state laws? For example, New York has a law that states RNs cannot be required to work more than than their regularly scheduled hours, unless agreed upon. Ohio has no such law, yet. If I am physically in Ohio and calling NY, I must be licensed in NY. Would the NY law pertaining to no forced overtime for RNs apply to me or just nurses who are physically in NY?
  2. cockynurse80

    Treated like crap

    Thanks to all for your replies. It's a shame I am about to say this-but its, in a sense, calming to know others know how I am feeling. Bigbub: you're right-they really just dont like me....and its not because I have some sort of personality flaw nor is it due to incompetence. Its because I come to work-I do my job-I do much work for others. I won over a tough crowd-the floor staff-and I did this with back biting, lying, and malicious rumors flying straight at me from every direction. I am competent in what I do, I have proven I'm not going anywhere, and I believe I am treated poorly because of fear (?), jealousy, or what have you along those lines. Only 1 of those who are giving me a hard time is a licensed professional (LPN). The others are not. I am a competent RN who just so happens to be young enough to be many of these women's children. I make more money, have a lot of responsibility and generally handle it well. My screen name would imply I'm cocky-but thats only with my husband. I am very well mannered and have a good bedside manner as well. Its what you do for sick people....make sure all of their needs are taken care of,treat them with dignity, kindness, and respect. For the company-you ensure all of the paperwork is in-line-put on a smile and pucker-up for the families. I am human-I do make mistakes. Its ok when I do though because someone is always watching...waiting...and making sure they point them out to me... lol I believe these women are intimidated by me. Its been a while since they had some young blood who has shown confidence, competency, and perseverance. I believe they tried to run me out before and since it didnt work-they are trying a different approach and sadly, I have been letting them get to me. I dont work to please them. I go to work to pay my bills and take care of my family. When I am at work, I am there for my patients. Do I let them run me from a job I love? Maybe....maybe-but not today. When this crap stops-something else will start. I will either need to learn how to stay above it all and not let it get to me-or get out. We will see-but at the end of the day-its still just not right and I dont think I will ever understand why people think its ok to treat others so poorly. I like surrounding myself with others who are competent, intelligent, and have a good work ethic...its hard for me to understand why others dont. Thanks again everyone! It was very kind of all of you to respond :)
  3. cockynurse80

    Treated like crap

    I am currently an RN Supervisor at a skilled nursing home. There are 5 of us supervisors and I am the only supervisor there who works full-time and does not have another job. I take my job seriously but also know everyone is human and we all have different, unique personalities. I have a very good relationship with my DON, Administrator, LPNs, STNAs, and even those who work in laundry, the kitchen, and housekeeping. Above me is the Director of Nursing and then the Administrator. We have no ADON. We are a union facility...everyone below me is union. I am not union-but I do not feel as though I am management, either. RN Supervisors are the only management people who are not "department heads". We are excluded from everything from the company Christmas party to the office pot-lucks. Reasoning: We are not department heads. So-here we are-excluded from the union doings because we are not union and excluded from the company doings because we are not department heads....go figure, ehh? There was a time when I was so ready to quit-that I dont know why I didn't. We are a small facility (76 beds) and the gossip, as anyone could imagine, was out of control. My DON was partaking in this gossip with the floor staff while outside smoking. I heard it. At first, listening to her discussing disciplines, points, etc about employees to other employees absolutely took me a few steps back....then...it was like saying the mail comes at 3pm...no big deal...probably because I was used to it. As anyone would guess...employees have a right to privacy. Discussing disciplines and what have you is obviously against their right to privacy. I listened to it. I am a member of management and although I did (just a few times) stand up and say-uhhh-we cant talk about this mid-sentance of my DON blabbing about another employee's discipline or an investigation...many times, I just stood there and listened while she let it all out to people who had no right to know. I agree-I should be held to some sort of accountability for standing by the wayside while she blabbed-but when this got back to the union....which in turn got back to the Administrator...I know I was used as the DONs scapegoat. In fact, the DON has said many things which I firmly believe the Administrator is under the impression I have said. So-if the DON is going to run her mouth about everyone else-why wouldnt she run her mouth about me? I believe exactly that happened. She would use my name while talking to other employees citing bits of information she received from an LPN while talking to another LPN just to get more information....if that makes any sense. So-here, I had nurses ticked off at me for things I was absolutely clueless about which turned into them making things up about me and wooooahhhh.....before I knew it-my head was spinning and I didnt know what in the world was going on or where statements came from. Rumors were flying around our facility about me like wildfire. Everything from me lying on other nurses just because I didnt like them and was trying to get them fired to I was a racist who was sleeping with a male nursing assistant. (I am married and my mother in law works in laundry-so that was a pretty situation if you could imagine) THe rumors kept going and all I had to do was show-up for work every day! One day, my DON told me she didnt know who to believe when it came to my counseling an LPN over documenting refusal of insulin to A/O rehab pt who was pissed she never offered it to him. I actually heard the LPN arguing with the pt stating she was told he always refuses his insulin and thats why she didnt offer it. In my professional opinion-if you dont offer a medication-it can not be refused. If you document refused for a medication that was not offered-thats falsification of a legal document. I wasnt even trying to write the nurse up...just tell her not to do it again. My DON thought I was lying...not that I had any reason to lie. I didnt write the nurse up...which proves I wasnt trying to get her terminated. I guess I just dreamed the entire situation up? I was actually told that its possible the RN title went to my head by my DON...who couldnt explain why she even made that statement. Then, I had to go for a "not so random-random" drug test. Evidently, someone saw me smoking pot...at work. My employer told me I got picked for a random drug test-I got to the testing site and was told it was a reasonable suspicion test-which was later confirmed by my Administrator. I havent smoked pot since I dabbled in it as a 16 year old know-it-all. They would not tell me who said they seen me smoking pot-but it was a lie-so whatever. I got to my breaking point. I didnt get involved in the gossip although I was guilty by association-if you may-because I was present while others ran their mouths. I didnt get involved in the little cliques. I just went to work and....worked? I treated everyone the same. I also learned my job very well. When I decided to look for another job and ask for the recommendation, my DON all but begged me to stay. She told me she wanted to make me her ADON and told me how good of an RN I am. She actually broke down into tears. Needless to say-I stuck it out. I stuck it out and things changed. The floor staff realized it wasnt me who was lying on them. I have earned their respect. They come to me with questions, concerns, complaints...they even come to me with personal problems. They call me at home-which isnt a requirement for my position to take calls at home-but it really is ok. I am the type of person who is willling to lend an ear and help out if I can-no matter what. I honestly feel as though they trust me and trust my judgment. This in itself is quite the accomplishment as they are a tough crowd who used to rely soley on the union to handle even the pettiest of issues. I've done this while practicing good nursing, sticking to rules, and treating them all fairly. My problem now is that I know my job....I've got it down to a science. There are 4 other RN supervisors who do not pull their own weight. I have to go behind them and "fix" just about everything they do. I never did get that promotion to the ADON position the DON had mentioned to me in the midst of me wanting to quit. I feel as though it was a tactic to get me to stay...a good one at that cause look-I'm still there! I just feel like I do so much more than the other supervisors. I feel like I have to babysit their work. I dont feel as though I get the credit I deserve for all that I do. Other than a bout of strep throat which had me off of work for 2 days-I have never missed a day and have never had a check without overtime. I'm not even invited to the pot-lucks for heavens sakes! My job seems mundane and I feel as though my work is unappreciated. THe gossiping has haulted and I firmly believe that my near quitting gave my DON some sort of wake-up call as to what she was doing and how it was effecting me because shes different-in a nicer kind of way. I love working with her. I am so satisfied with my floor staff that I could not wish for better nurses/aides. All of my pts I have come to know and really care about them. I can tell you major dxs for all of my pts, I'm in tune with their labs, tests, problems, meds, etc...you know. I have a good realtionship with all of the family members I deal with as well as all of the doctors who come to our facility. I have received thank you and update letters from rehab pts who went home. I honestly love my job. Its just that I know I am capable of doing more. I am deserving of some sort of appreciation. The department heads treat me like crap. The are condescending when speaking to me. They push their work off on me-they ask for help-they know I am willing to help anyone-but I know the difference between helping someone who really needs it and just plain being takend advantage of....they take advantage of me. When it comes to their pot lucks-I did tell my DON it bothered me and they must've gotten wind of it because the next pot luck I was invited to. Then, the next day after I had gone to the store and bought what they asked me to bring-they had the nerve to come up to me and un-invite me...citing I wasnt a department head. I dont want to leave a job I love; however, I do not know what in the world to do to be treated fairly.
  4. cockynurse80

    Admission orders the day before?

    Is it acceptable to obtain orders/verification of admitting orders the day before admitting a LTC pt from one LTC facility to another? I certainly understand that if this is done, the admitting RN should assess the pt and ensure and document that the orders are applicable to the pt at the time of admission and notify the doc. I see no reason why this part of the admission process could not begin the day before so that the facility is prepared and has all of the supplies/equipment needed....but I am not sure and this has become a rather interesting debate at my facility.
  5. cockynurse80

    DEA States that LTC Nurses Are No Longer Agents Of The Prescribers

    ABSOLUTELY-UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES-GIVE THAT MED! It doesn't matter if your boss or anyone else tells you to! Unless you have a hard copy in your hands-either from the doctor or the pharmacy-you could be charged with diversion! Your boss will not take the fall for you-this is a DEA regulations and IDK about you-but I'm not trying to take on the DEA. If your boss or any other nurse is so certain the med can be given-kindly explain to them that you feel uncomfortable doing so until the RX is in your hand; however, they could give it if they feel comfortable. ...its their license-not yours! Psych issues-pain issues-whatever-if the circumstance requires a written script and you dont have one-I have one "word" for you-----> ER. CYOA Even if the doctor says-just give it and I will fax you the order in the morning--kindly explain how much you wish you could do that; however, the DEA regulations will not allow you to do so. I pray this harshly interpreted reg changes-its in the best interests of our patients to revisit this issue and put a stop to the insanity. Stand-up and advocate for your patients-they depend on us and together-we can speak LOUD to initiate a change.
  6. cockynurse80

    Bustin my hump for ???

    I am an RN House Supervisor at an 80 bed skilled-nursing facility. Above me is the DON and the Administrator-we have no ADON. We are short Supervisors-so I normally work 14 hour days and have 1 maybe 2 days off (if Im lucky) every 2 weeks. I do have the help of 2 PRN supervisors and one of them is VERY nice and competent. The other one-well-shes a different story. She works f/t at a 400 bed VA facility and thinks our Christian-based facility needs to be run like a boot camp. Never does a shift she works go by without her complaining about something to the DON and she'll say-well, "at my other job we do it like this". She thinks her way is the only way-she has only been an RN for a little over a year and she often makes mistakes-will state misinformation (very matter of factly) as if she is right when she's wrong....among other things. The problems are: The DON thinks she is Super-RN. In fact, my DON told me that this nurse was the "best RN" she has. Her attitude is terrible towards the staff below her, the patients, and the other RN supervisors. I take my job very seriously (and myself lightly:D). I understand everyone makes mistakes and when one of my staff make a mistake I do not talk down to them like they are morons; but let them know its ok-it happens to all of us and work with them to find a solution to the "problem" that caused the mistake to happen. Not every mistake is cause for disciplinary action-but every mistake is a learning opportunity. Thats how I view things. If nurses are made to feel appreciated and given the opportunity to learn and grow-it is my opinion that they will stay with the company longer and its then a win-win situation: They learn from their mistakes-grow into excellent nurses and co-workers-stay with the company-save money on new hires and OT to make-up the open positions. I thank them for coming to work-at random times. I even buy pizza, recognize efforts above and beyond with a "Pat on the Back" form hanging on the wall, and stuff like that just to show them that all of their hard work doesnt go unnoticed. Discipline is awarded when its deserved-Im not that much of a pushover! I do not like the way the other RN (my staff call her Hitler) talks down to the staff. I have taken this issue to the DON as have other staff members. The result: Retaliation. This chic is constantly trying to find errors I make. She goes as far as to look back in charts and pick apart my documentation for days earlier. I think what shes doing is absolutely uncalled for. I really do have a great nursing staff: LPNS and STNAs alike. They do not deserve to be treated like idiots. My patients do not deserve to be YELLED at for anything....how I would like to yell at some of the family members at times, tho! Additionally, as I stated earlier-I work a tremendous amount of hours. I do get paid for all of the hours I put in-but thats about it. Never a thank you-no appreciation-nothing. Well, besides a backlashing for something I could've done differently-according the Hitler, RN. My DON often questions my integrity, I am constantly forced to prove why I did something as small and insignificant as placing an aide in a specific section for the day. My DON often plays the lets take sides game-she will talk to me about you and talk to you about me-if you get the picture. I really thought her and I had a good relationship-but it is evident she doesnt trust my judgement or respect/appreciate my efforts. I love my job, I love the fact that the place is 3 miles from home, as soon as we get more supervisors trained-I will work the perfect hours for my family, and the pay is good. I have sacrificed a lot to get my day shift position and sacrificed much more when it comes to the time lost with my children. I do not want to quit my job-but its getting to a point where I feel as though I am being taken advantage of something terrible. I feel as though Hitler, RN is totally picking on me for whatever reasons and I feel very unappreciated. I am at my end's wit with this whole situation. I tried to approach my DON about how the way things were going was making me feel and she quickly diverted the conversation. I just have no idea what in the world to do. Any advice offered would be soooo helpful.
  7. cockynurse80

    Please help. . . And quickly!!!

    Yikes! Can you say Med error, error, error, error??? I will certainly pray for you! We give our new nurses 2 weeks of orientation-then they get the easiest section to start, generally. Just relax-drink lots of coffee so you can buzz around the unit quickly and dont forget to pee before you start work! :heartbeat
  8. cockynurse80

    Im new on this board I have a question about TB testing

    When I started nursing school-we had to have a 2-step completed. I had been an aide for years and always got my yearly 1-step; however, my college required me to obtain a new 2-step. My annual tb's were always negative. My 2nd step for nursing school came back positive. I was refered to our county health department where they administered 9 months of INH to me. I took the pills-had a negative CXR and went on with my education-symptom free. When I obtained my first job at the Cleveland Clinic-I explained to them that I am a positive reactor. They drew my blood (a more accurate way of testing") and it was negative. I have never been exposed to someone with active TB...I just-for some reason-had a positive reaction. I do know others who are positive reactors. I have never known someone with active TB. If someone has been exposed to TB-they can not pass it to anyone else unless/until they are having a bout of active tb themselves. Don't worry about it, girl! Even if you have been exposed-you are not going to be prohibited from going to go to CNA school.