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  1. Tara

    misdiagnosis of women with CP

    Medicine has always been geared to fit the S/S of men. This is nothing new. Thanks to the women getting more involved and educated this is changing.
  2. Tara

    per diem vs full time nurses

    I think per diem nurses could offer the same continuity of care if given the chance. I personally have never worked as a per diem nurse but, the ones that I know seem to be constantly pulled from floor to floor and from unit to unit. I have talked to...
  3. Tara

    nurses united

    Team work is greatly enhanced by getting to know your coworkers. In these busy times, it seems better to offer assistance than to complain about not getting any. I have the luxury of working with a great bunch of people. We take care of our patients ...
  4. Tara

    Romazicon shortage

    Any accurate information as to the shortage of Romazicon? Curious how this is affecting your facillity. It has significantly increased our recovery time of patients in the procedural based areas.
  5. Tara


    We have a code blue team at my current facillity. I feel this is a valuable resource but, I also feel every unit/floor should have people who are ACLS certified in order to efficiently initiate advanced life support before the team arrives.
  6. Tara

    BSN vs. Associates

    I agree the degree doesn't make the nurse. Different degrees are meant for different health care goals. Working a floor, managing patient care, managing a team of health care providers and the philosophy of heath care managment. Old topic.... If the...
  7. Tara

    admission assessment team

    A facilllity that I have worked at in the past used this process for a short time. It was abandoned as the admission nurse can only handle one admission at a time. The floor still ended up doing admissions. The admission nurse did an excellent job a...
  8. Tara

    Opening Sharps Containers

    Would she consider allowing the nurses to use a needle counter( a magnetic plastic box that you put the needles in) and then allow you to dispose of them in the sharps once you returned.... I feel she has a valid concern but, probably could consider ...
  9. Tara

    male vs female

    Interested in information for research..... Does manangement have the same expectations for male and female nurses?
  10. Tara

    Obstacles to providing care

    Everyone is correct. I feel the same way. I can also add it is most frustrating to work for a facillity that doesn't follow there own policies. Having to listen to doctors complain about the nurses on the floor. I work in a procedural based area. The...
  11. Tara

    20/20 Nursing Shortage Story

    The 20/20 view to me was accurate to a point but, I don't think it had the impact it was intended to have. It showed some cases that could be viewed as isolated and not common.
  12. Tara

    where is nursing headed?

    At this time, who knows. It seems we are shorter staffed which causes some to leave the profession. I have also noticed more new grads starting out in the units ( which I am undecided if this is appropriate or not). I myself am curious as to where i...
  13. An LPN is trained to work a floor, An ADN is trained to manage a patient's care ( most ADN programs provide more clinical experience than BSN programs), A BSN is trained to manage a group of nurses and A MSN is trained more in philosophy. So, I gath...
  14. Tara

    Procedural Nursing

    Curious about nurses who work in procedural based areas. What type of sedation does your area use and what are your guidelines on returning a patient back to the floor or the unit????
  15. Tara


    Computers have been used in our hospital for around 10 years and have proven in some way benifical and in some ways limiting. I know we are currently installing a new system that will allow all our areas within our department to communicate and look ...
  16. Tara

    Major changes & need info

    Yes, I understand 1:3 is challenging at times. I have worked it myself for many years in a large hospital with many vents etc. I am just saying I feel nurses who work on the general floors have it worse. I find it is easier to focus on the needs o...