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inpatient psych, hospice, ED psych, Clinic nursing
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Erindel RN has 7 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in inpatient psych, hospice, ED psych, Clinic nursing.

passed NCLEX 7/21/14

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  1. Erindel RN

    Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    Thank you for the info..
  2. Erindel RN

    Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    I would love to be a death examiner! I have no idea where to begin for that type of nursing though..
  3. Erindel RN

    Primary Care vs Urgent Care Job as an RN

    Hey great! Now u will have good experience doing two diff types of nursing jobs. Glad it all worked out for u! Congrats!
  4. I actually prefer to still wear the masks so we don't have to smell each others breath! Is that weird??😁🤷‍♀️
  5. Erindel RN

    Primary Care vs Urgent Care Job as an RN

    I just left a job working three 12-hour shifts and I now work 40 hours a week Monday through Friday in a primary care clinic. I'm struggling with the hours... If you already know you like to travel with your husband then I would take the Urgent Care job so you can work just those two or three days per week and then maybe ask for more hours as time goes on.. you can always switch to primary care if you want to in the future.
  6. Erindel RN

    New job offer, should I accept?

    I am in the same situation as you. I am wanting to leave the hospital, 3 12s a week for a mon to fri 8 to 5 family practice position. I am leaning towards taking it..but I am nervous. The drive is longer than my job now, but it'll be more money. I am trying to get used to having only 2 days off a week instead of my wonderful 4 days off per week that I have now. I wish you good luck in your decision!
  7. Erindel RN

    How many chances do you give a job before you quit?

    Thank you! Yes its bad, but the money is good.. But I realize money is not going to make me stick it out. I would rather be happy.. thats my most important trait about a job.
  8. Erindel RN

    Cambridge Health Alliance Psych

    Hi I have heard of CHA, I was looking at their job openings yhe other day. They have an adult unit an Adolescent unit and a child unit. They also have units at their Cambridge hospital site and also at their Somerville Center which I heard is opening up more beds and they will need more staff there. I have been a nurse for 7 years and 4 of those years I have been working in Psych. Just make sure that psych is really what you want because sometimes it is hard once you start in Psych it is hard to venture out into other areas I am now finding out. I do not know anything personal about that hospital and I do not know anything about their pay but since it is close to Boston I am going to guess that it is a decent hourly wage. Good luck with your job search as a new grad!
  9. Erindel RN

    Anyone NEVER been hit/hurt working psych?

    Thank you for the information. I appreciate it.
  10. Erindel RN

    Anyone NEVER been hit/hurt working psych?

    True. I have never thought of that. What does that entail?
  11. Erindel RN

    Anyone NEVER been hit/hurt working psych?

    No they do not and have yet to do so. It is maddening.
  12. Erindel RN

    Anyone NEVER been hit/hurt working psych?

    I work in an emergency room psych holding area which holds up to 16 patients. it has been absolutely awful! management does not help they keep giving us the worst violent patients and they do not provide enough staff. we have had many violent restraints. Ended up with three staff people hurt. The only time management comes up happens to be when we have a quiet moment and they see that the unit does not look too bad.. they tell us we should be equipped to handle whatever comes our way🙄😡
  13. Erindel RN

    New grad wanting to switch floors?

    Most hospitals allow you to transfer after six months in a position. In your case, I would stick it out a year then email the hiring manager in labor and delivery to let them know your interested in any upcoming positions. I think it will look better at least if you stay for 1 year as a med surg nurse, esp as a new grad..
  14. Erindel RN

    Is it rude to request additional shifts of orientation?

    If you do not feel ready, then speak up and tell them. You would do yourself a disservice if you came off of orientation too early and knew that you were not ready.. You should ask for a couple more weeks and see how that goes. I wish you luck! Remember, you will not completely be 100% when you are done orientation, you need to get your own flow and feel for things. There is always other nurses and the charge to ask questions and for help. You cant possibly know everything about everything that comes walking through the doors of a busy ED! We are always learning..
  15. Erindel RN

    Behavioral Health Nurses in the ED

    Yes, this is a specific role in the ED I interviewed for. I did also ask if we would go into the medical side of the ED to take patients but they do not anticipate that... I would not mind learning that role either, I would love to be as flexible as I can be.
  16. Erindel RN

    Behavioral Health Nurses in the ED

    Thank u for your insight into this, I appreciate it.. glad to know this role is doable and that everyone works as a team.