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  1. Mazie

    Limey nurse would like advice

    Hey! I am not from Colorado, but I LOVE it there. My husband and I have been considering moving there. The one thing holding us back is cost of living. Frisco, Vail, and Breckenridge areas are beautiful and family oriented. When we go on vacation we stay in Frisco and it is a very peaceful small town. We went in the summer last year and temps were in the 70's, but we also go in the winter and it is cold but not bad. We live in Texas and here it is a wet windy cold, there at times we were not even wearing jackets while in the snow. My suggestion is, if you can afford it, go for it. But cost of living there is outrageous. I have checked into a few hospitals there, and if you do move to that area, Denver and Vail have the largest hospitals. Staying in frisco, vail was about 45 minutes to the west and denver was 1 hour to the east, so would have to drive into work.
  2. Mazie

    Moving to Colorado

    Sorry guys! I did mean Colorado. Frisco Colorado,near Breckenridge and Dillon. Thanks!
  3. Mazie

    Moving to Colorado

    I need help! My husband and I are considering moving to the Frisco,CO area (near Breckenridge) but we have looked at the cost of living there and it is crazy. He has his BSN and I am an LVN finishing up on my BSN. Houses, food, gas, and basically everything is so much more expensive there. What we were wondering is if the nursing income makes up for cost of living. I have been looking at jobs there but none list the salary. His income now is avg 68,000 a year and that is the low end and I am not working. Our house only cost us 65,000 for 3BR, 2 BA brick. So from what I am seeing is that the avg house up there costs 250,000-450,000. Is that right? Please help. We don't want to make the wrong decision. We live in TX now. Thanks! Leslie