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  1. neurontin

    Tell me about your first pt to code...

    Can the monitor show " PULSELESS" v tach? I saw v tach on the monitor when this happened to me, but I did not see pulseless. How to tell? By just looking at the flattened a line?
  2. Pt had a-line and AICD suddenly his abp mean dropped to 22, waveform became flat. However, HR on the monitor was 112, showing v tach on the monitor is the pt pulseless ? CPR first or shock? any additional assessment needed in this situation? Is AICD supposed to be installed for v tach? give adenosine or other meds? any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Is it allowed to share some details such as increased PTT, decrease creatinine with the family? if the family is a ACNP herself, worrying her mother to death, what would you do? Especially, after her mother being treated badly and now the pt is getting worse and incubated.
  4. neurontin

    A CVICU nurse wants more time to be with her family

    Hi you all, I really appreciate your replies! i worked at Cardiac step down for almost one year. That was before I have my baby. Here.I.Stand, you know exactly what I feel as a working mom. You have five children? How do you make it work? my stress is also from the fact that some experienced coworkers are not patient to a newbie like me. Anyway, I am thinking to be a part-time at some point. thank you very much for your input.very helpful!
  5. Hi everyone, I need some advice here. i started my orientation in CVICU three months ago, feeling stressful. I have a lot to learn, and I do not have time to be with my baby who is six months old. Anyone could give me some advice regarding to a more appropriate job which can also be CV-related? Thank you in advance!
  6. neurontin

    How to say "no, thanks"

    Thank you all for the tips! you are awesome!! She wants her daughter to get the referral fee if I agree to move in the apt. where her daughter lives. i totally understand this, but I cannot afford the apt. like that anymore. She knows that I used to live in an expensive apt., but she does not know I am broken after living a place like that.
  7. neurontin

    How to say "no, thanks"

    Thank you, Tait. It' a tricky situation. She does not think 12 miles is a problem and financially I cannot afford an expensive apartment anymore.
  8. neurontin

    How to say "no, thanks"

    A senior colleague who is also my reference and my role model wants me to live in an apartment where her daughter lives. It is an expensive apartment, and I do not think I am financially ready for it. Also, it is 12 miles from where i work. How do I say "no. Thank you" to her? If I say "no", will that break the relationship between us? How to say it appropriately? Any input will be appreciated.
  9. neurontin

    how to make it clear when call doctor

    I never thought about that. Thank you very much for telling me that, canchaser. I really appreciate it.
  10. neurontin

    how to make it clear when call doctor

    thank you, meandragonbrett. those are good questions. But I am not quite sure the difference between the afib on a CV surgery pt and the afib on a non-CV surgery pt? and why I need to ask myself, 'what is he in the hospital/unit?' Thank you again for the input.
  11. neurontin

    how to make it clear when call doctor

    I appreciate your input, Mully. I asked the charge nurse whether I needed to call and what to say. He said I needed to call the doc at the end of the shift (0700), and let him know what happened. As a new nurse on the floor, even though I was not sure what the doc could do, I thought it probably won't hurt to call him. But I was wrong. the doc was unsatisfied with my call and complained it to the charge nurse (not sure whether he complained it to the manager or not). What I learned from this lesson (please correct me if I am wrong) 1. when I am not 100% sure, do not do it. 2. do not do exactly what the colleagues say; they can make a suggestion. However, i am the one who take full responsibility. Even though the charge nurse told me what to say, he won't tell the doc, 'I told her to say something like that.'
  12. neurontin

    how to make it clear when call doctor

    the pt i had last night had a. fib, HR went to 130; due to he had had a.fib two days ago so that i did not call doctor at 0300 am. plus, pt was asymptomatic. when i called the doctor later, i tried to make myself clear by saying, "he started to have a.fib at 0300 am, asymptomatic; i held metoprolol because his SBP was less than 90 last night. when his SBP increased to 94, i gave him the med at 0530. right now he is still a.fib. HR 80's." the doc was not satisfied with what i was saying. he asked me, "why didn't call me at 0300 am (he forgot that this was not new to the pt)? is there any critical thing (to call me)? what do you want me to do?" to be honest, except for letting him know what was going on the pt, i do not know why i called him. call him or not call him? any suggestion on how to do if you were me? I would appreciate any input.
  13. neurontin

    Passed NCLEX RN

    to jorgecardenas55, for me, i did not go to any review center in prepare for my nclex-rn so that i am not sure about hurst. however, if it covers everything that we should know and you actually know it inside out (not just different systems), it can be a good way to prepare for the test. my suggestion to prepare for the test is to know the basic concepts, categories, s&s, interventions... try to be comprehensive and organized. plus, make good use of practice questions. btw, when will be your test day?
  14. neurontin

    Passed NCLEX RN

    I graduated from a nursing school this May and passed the NCLEX-RN with 75 questions at my first attempt this June.
  15. neurontin

    Saunders Comprehensive Review 5th Edition

    If I were you, I would compare the ISBN number rather than pages.
  16. neurontin

    SATA Qs?

    Have you ever seen any book with good SATA practice questions? Any tip on preparing for SATA questions?