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  1. tamaraglennon

    POA-plan of action and a little Whining-Sorry

    Thank you so much for all your words of encoragement! I did notice today (in fact) the tutors for physiology so I will be taking them up on the help! I am SO excited about a career in nursing and can't wait to get my hands dirty! LOL I.WILL.DO.IT! That is my mantra!
  2. So I am a transfer student working on my last few pre-reqs before I can apply to the nursing program at RIC...Just need some guidance. I took Anatomy at Ric this summer and got a B+ (really wanted an A) I am taking Chem 105 and Physiology this semester. Next semester I will take Chem 106 THEN apply. Is that right? The way I am thinking the earliest I could possibly get in is Fall 2010 right?! Currently my GPA is sitting at a 3.33 which is obviously too low to get in therefore I need A's in my classes to boost it up. I am so stressed because I am really struggling in physiology! I feel like I am not smart enough. I mean I am struggling in conversions! I have been out of school since about 2000, have 2 small kids, married and stink at math! I have not even been formally accepted in RIC much less declaring a major! Application is in though! Any thoughts. Is there something I am missing or something that I should be focusing on? Thanks a million!
  3. tamaraglennon


    This is what scares me and I am starting to doubt myself! Any thoughts...am I reading into it more? Who did you have at Ric? I have Dr. A....wish it was Dr. H though!
  4. tamaraglennon


    I am taking it at RIC and it is proving to be tougher than Anatomy in my honest opinion! We are only in week two and I feel like she is speaking greek to me! I can memorize an encyclopedia if I had to and this is all conceptual which I am not good at!
  5. tamaraglennon

    struggling in Anatomy

    Well everyone, I scored 100% on the lab exam! Today was the lecture exam and I scored 76% I am SOOOO frustrated! I studied my butt off! (3-4 hours each day, I read the chapters 3-4 times, took the quizzes at the end of the chapters, had a study group) What is SO frustrating is when he presents the materials in the lecture it is very straight forward, easy to understand but when it came time for the test his questions were worded completely different. Obviously he can't make the tests like a 1st grade vocabulary test but geezzzz the wordage was all out of sorts and had things in there that we didn't even cover in lecture or wasn't even on our study guide! Ok vent over, I am getting off the floor and going for a drink!
  6. tamaraglennon

    struggling in Anatomy

    My first Lab practicum is tomorrow! I feel pretty good about it though! Wish me luck!
  7. tamaraglennon

    struggling in Anatomy

    I am taking a few last pre-reqs so that I can apply to the nursing program hopefully Spring 2010. I am currently taking Anatomy at RIC and it is kicking.my.butt!!!!! It is 16 weeks of information crammed into 6 weeks! I am struggling. Although I am ahead of the schedule as far as reading I am having trouble "commiting" it to memory! I have a stack about an inch thick of flashcards and that is only for one chapter! Our first test covers 8 chapters! I feel inept and like I am never going to "get it"! Just wanted to vent! Any nurses here that can give me some tips. I am afraid...if I can't handle Anatomy how can I handle Micro and Physiology! Any tips! I am so nervous for our lab test....if I had a word bank i could ace it but it just doesn't work that way! Looking at the list of bones to know, I can walk up to the skeleton and point them out (most of them) but to walk up to a table full of bones with pointers pointng to a random spot/bone....I don't know! Help!
  8. tamaraglennon

    Human Anatomy CCRI

    Not trying to hijack thread....Can anyone tell me what the text book is for Human Anatomy (231) at RIC. I start 6/29 BUT I like to be prepared and if I can get it ahead of time that would be awesome! Also I wonder who my prof is at RIC?